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The culture of give sb a present of Sino-Japanese Han the Three Kingdoms

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In the the Three Kingdoms, japanese likes a gift most. Begin from the money given to children as a lunar New Year gift of the beginning of the year, enter a school, graduation, obtain employment, emeritus, the end of the year, marry, birthday, bear, visit the sick, move etc, japanese among a year all the time not content of each other give sb a present.

The “ gift ” in Japanese, write do “ homebred ” . After a person comes back from other place, send family or the collective that oneself belong to through the local speciality that place, share the information that oneself are in his ground or experience jointly with them thereby.

The “ gift ” of Korea is written do ” of content of board of “ of Chinese character word, basically point to eating food, food kind.

Come compared with gift itself, japanese pays attention to the outer packing of the gift more. And to the Chinese character, the meaning of give sb a present and gift itself become direct ratio, think namely the more big and precious gift, its the real situation is spent taller also. Korean also like great thing.

Dig an example, if the Chinese's gift has watermelon so big, so Korean gift can have an apple so big, and the gift of Japanese became cherry bead.

After Japanese manager N and Chinese manager B talk, have a meal together. The N after the meal says to B: “ sends you scanty little gift, please kindly accept. After ” returns a hotel, b is opened cautiously pack elegantly look, a towel just was put pitiably inside.

Person and Japanese like Korea oddly, give sb a present also sends singular number, but the Chinese is contrary however. Yin and yang of be particular about, fluctuation, left and right sides, men and women the “ that wait is geminate and didymous the Chinese culture of ” type, think even numbers is auspicious since ancient times, so content of give sb a present also is the form of the even numbers such as two bags of two bottles of wine, mug-up certainly.