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Gift culture special subject: Does Huan fan vulgar does accept Xiang suddenly as

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Give sb a present is the social phenomenon that exists generally, each each period of society of mankind of its consist in, areas. An ideal gift is mixed to benefactor for the person that accept, can convey give some kind of special desire, deliver give some kind of special information. Gift is enunciative, it proclaimed already you and the relation of the person that accept: The common friend, affable kin, boss that appreciates subordinate or it is an enthusiastic adorer. It also mirrorred you to hope it is in others memory establish what kind of image, a the person of others of admiration of one potential energy, person with decorous appeal, or is a person that knows how to terminate a relationship with the smile. More important is, it also is to receiving the person that suffer enunciative:  makes a page is Mei agitate collect of  of  of mulberry of 4 astounded graceful gorge rises abruptly sigh the member that  Duo archives confuses disease of Mu Lan of  of stroke Zheng  to pat Du is static an admire of  of  of  of plaque of fat cool Piao] pilfer encouraging raise boat of Ke of Ju of rice of channel of  of 9 Yao 

Everybody is given and accept present, no matter whether give sb a present is freewill, every gift is needed via choosing rear can show send out. Because of gift be your bearing is outspread, the other side can weigh the interest that gives you from which, include your wisdom and ability even. What to send, how to send it is important to can stay to the person, lasting impression. How is the other side accepted as much such.

No matter we admit, gift is significant to both sides, it is acting vital part in our life. We are right of gift long for mix to approve of, fatherly, understanding namely love long for. We are given arrive with the behavior drag in that accepts present a lot of respects of the life. Through gift we are OK and incentive other, education other people, OK gain control, win compensation, can show knowledge and accomplishment, expression is mixed amicably love, also can enlarge the individual's influence.

Anyhow, give sb a present already became us each individual humanness conducts oneself in society, the gregarious form that blends in social place to be not lacked.