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Engineer business affairs gift

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The plan is the significant link of business affairs gift, the strategy that the plan includes to decide gift (the position in market promotion activity) , style (expressional company characteristic and concept) , executive plan. The plan makes the direction of business affairs gift and activity of integral market promotion keep consistent, can achieve best result thereby.

Engineer a point:

1. Business affairs gift should popularize mobile photograph to agree with the integral market of the company, advertisement gift should advance integral market to spread mobile effect.

2. Activity of business affairs gift should maintain continuity, this asks the plan has certain time span. Long-term gift plan compares short-term temporarily plan can remove better market to spread the effect.

3. The plan asks to be communicated effectively, understand your requirement adequately only, ability recommends appropriate program for you.

4, track gift newest trends, novel gift gift leaves deep impression to the client.

5. Avoid restrains a condition, make market promotion activity undertakes satisfactorily.

1:  of Zhan of  of pray of large bamboo hat is frowsty
This kind of product includes paper brick, this book, folder, can use at gift of business affairs advertisement to give already, also can use in unit interior, the characteristic is advertisement position remarkable, this book, folder still can add company brief introduction, suit office circumstance to give.

2: Advertisement pen
Cabinet and practical, function is diversiform, no matter be sent in great quantities,give technically, all appropriate choice includes: Ball-pen, sign pen, modelling pen, brand pen.

3: Qiao beautifuls
Reminding while people pays close attention to time, also remind the brand that pays close attention to you. In belonging to high-grade gift. Include: Plastic carapace watch, metallic carapace watch, muti_function the type such as the watch.

4: Advertisement dress
True “ close ” is contacted, make a brand thorough arrive in people heart. Include: Towel of cap of culture unlined upper garment, T-shirt unlined upper garment, jacket, waists-coat, advertisement, silk, cravat.

5: Electronic product
Practical and technical, modern nature favores the gift that science and technology changes. Include: Product of health care of perpetual calendar of calculator, radio, electron, PDA, electron.

6: The skin provides product
The glamour of leather depends on like nature itself and choiceness, it is gift of commonly used high-grade business affairs. Include: Calling card clip, key case, make up bag, silver-colored clip, ticket clip, portfolio.

7: Desk high-quality goods
Have luxuriant exterior and exquisite quality, cooperate elegant advertisement mark to make, be in recent years the high-grade gift of circumstance of popular formal business affairs.

8: Crystal goods
Itself is lucid, glittering and translucent, after refraction flowery and dazzing, high character be clear at a glance. Use artificial and crystal material, can machine a variety of appearance, match with elegant pack, apply to significant activity souvenir and issue award.
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