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Origin of give sb a present---Courtesy demands reciprocity, go to and do not com

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People presents a gift each other, it is the indispensable association content in human society life. The Chinese advocates all along courtesy demands reciprocity. " on Qu Li of · of The Book of Rites " say: “ courtesy demands reciprocity, go to and do not come, incivility also, come and do not go to, also incivility also. ” gift, be rather he a series of formal activities arise to rise with development together. We know, the sacred activity of period of ceremony traceable remote antiquity. Be in sacred when, people expresses to the god besides the act that uses a standard, devotional manner esteem and awe-stricken outside, still oneself the most valuable, article that can reflect pair of god devoir most (sacrifice namely) consecratory at deities. Perhaps thenceforth rises, in the meaning of the ceremony, began to have corporeal composition and show. Namely the ceremony can appear with the form of content. About the gift this concept, return somebody to say it originates at first the ” of “ accept tribute of the as a result of tribal annex generation in archaic war, be sent food, slave to wait to conqueror regularly by conqueror namely, be mixed by the obedience of conqueror with expressing to be opposite the shelter of beg conqueror. Gift of the Ceng Youyin in history sends not in time or not considerate and the account that initiates a battle. Be like year period, because Hunan country is done not have,send one car cogongrass to week the emperor on time, and caused alliance of Central Plains each country in a large-scale the war of cut down Hunan. Return somebody to think, of the article that original ceremony is property of a kind of commerce have will have toward, ” of primitive “ courtesy demands reciprocity, it is the product trade that has with the means of the donative requite of gift essentially.