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The concept of gift and culture---It is a kind of advertisement also be a kind o

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Gift is enterprise or business the unit is being managed or in business affairs activity to rise or enlarge its famous degree, the market that improves a product is had rate (portion) , get taller sale outstanding achievement is special with profit buy. Contain enterprise or business of the mark, have the product of some kind of special meaning. It is had novel sex, peculiar sex, craft sex and practical. As the product of gift, it often is had general person likes and have do not abandon the characteristic that gets oneself to draw out money to buy. Give sb a present is investment of a kind of emotive, can the emotional distance between disappear short person and person, the communication of facilitating people, communication, reach consensus, start good business chance.

At the same time gift also is a kind of advertisement, a kind of conduct propaganda, appropriate gift can build a constant is long and deep impression in the client's memory.

"Courtesy demands reciprocity, go to and do not come, incivility also. Incivility also.. ---" The Book of Rites. On Qu Li "

Be in early year period, our country advocates formal, come thousands of years, had formed a kind of culture. As the elapse of time, regard the material of this kind of culture as core- - gift, also change in change quickly ground. Different time, different historical setting, gift also each are not identical.

Arrived in an instant 21 centuries, the expands gift sale of Internet brought the change of world-shaking. Arrive from content form, the sort of gift is increasing, more and novel practical, new special local product tastes a peak to embrace and go out, the connotation of gift and extension got infinite outspread. The sale channel of gift is broader and broader also, want a mouse only gently a bit, the gift of full of beautiful things in eyes spreads out before you. Gift purchases business people had more convenient purchase way, more choices and more privilege.