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The knowledge of gift---What give sb a present sends is appropriate, can get fir

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Give sb a present, it is a knowledge absolutely. Give sb a present sends appropriately, can get first-rate result, suffer ceremony person to be accepted easily not only, happy, and him giver also is met very happy.

Choose gratified flexibly the element that the gift needs to consider is very much. Generally speaking, the first should see the age that presents a target, identity, position; The 2nd condition that should treat him benefactor reachs its and the concern that give a boy or girl friend and feeling; The 3rd should see given situation and opportunity; The 4th economy actual strength that is about to see him benefactor —— exceeds him to be able to bear the behavior of give sb a present of limits, although make the person that get a gift very glad, but with respect to benefactor, the pleasure of cheerful the other side when give sb a present may be reduced greatly.

Normally, the interest to presenting a target, hobby and ambition also should be the consideration. For instance to loving the friend of antique calligraphy and painting, you can send him he admires long already celebrity calligraphy and painting in the heart, this is far more precious than sending electric equipment, nourishment is good to him much, this call it is good to cast its place.

Paying attention to give sb a present of the detail that chooses gift and choice first-rate opportunity, circumstance also is very important. If handle good, can obtain the result that expect is less than. Write down sincerely even of a bit is, the stand or fall of the gift is not measured with money. Certainly value does not poor good gift, should move only think, you can think of already economy can hand affective gift again.