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Gift is shallow talk- - the choice of business affairs gift and giving is not ea

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Gift is the each other in business affairs activity giving gift itself is brushstroke big trade. The choice of gift is passing the information such as ascendancy, the ways of the world, knowledge and interest. It already ameliorable the figure that also can harm a company. Use gift to advertisement from the gift that gives trustee conference chairman, the choice of gift of this kind of business and giving can not be an easy thing.

The company of gift United States spends the charge in the give sb a present on business affairs come-and-go every year to be as high as -294967296 dollars.

Recent investigation shows gift, in the American firm that gives business affairs gift the answer of 47% is “ has effect ” or “ has effect ” very much, the company of additionally 39% thinks at least “ has bit of effect ” , only the company of 2% thinks give sb a present is without benefit. Why should the company send business affairs gift? According to an investigation, the reason with the mainest present is the admiration that shows pair of another person (61% ) , be in the 2nd reason is to pass good wish in order to expand business relation (54% ) . There is a half to be in in informant christmas give sb a present, the person of near 1/3 is in special circumstance give sb a present. More and more companies realise gift the give sb a present in business affairs activity is a advertising also is mutual communication important facet not only. It is principles of a few small give sb a present below, go up in the main, want giver to be able to compare the heart the heart only, think for the other side more, won't make too big error.

Gift chooses the gift that yourself also hopes to accept. If you send the gift does not like even oneself, how can the family like? The gift that did not get last year is transmitted again this year go out, or simply? G abandons it, because the person of give sb a present is met normally advertent you use the gift that he sends. If you are richer, gift give sb a present also shoulds not be to general friend too too skill is ostentatious, this can cause needless awkwardness sometimes, get turning over the effect, it is better to send the present that a few have idea instead.

Gift remembers the price tag that gets on the gift taking off, wear label on the gift, the gift becomes can deliver two message only, one is: Our friendly feelings is worth “ ” of how many money, another is “ is looked at! The gift that must answer same price next time gives me ” . And this message, can the portion lays the condition all give sb a present rarely in! In addition, no matter gift itself value how, gift still had better want to use wrapping paper to pack. Notice this subtle place can show the regard of giver more sometimes. Gift must be considering the person that accepts a present in daily life whether apply on the gift that you send. For instance, place in his home below so considerably draw?

When gift has some of person to be visited in home of the other side, until when wanting to leave, just recall this sent gift, when the doorway takes out a gift, master however because of condescending, polite formula do not agree to accept, be in right now the movement with dilatory doorway, gift is quite helter-skelter, how should avoid this kind of case happening? Opportunity of best give sb a present is, take an entrance door, exchange of conventional greetings is acted according to a few sentences on gift, such, won't appear the other side does not receive a present because of polite formula, and bilateral refuse to budge is in the circumstance of the doorway. If gift missed the opportunity in doorway give sb a present, might as well in sit after deciding, when host pours tea, send, right now, won't interrupt the enthusiasm that talks so not only, still can increase another topic instead! Give gift to should consider particular situation and circumstance.
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