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Tradition of give sb a present does not pour gift flow tenaciously to show favor

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Although every arrive,spend the New Year, unavoidable disappointed is like people lost territory plaints a lot of tradition spends the New Year consuetudinary decadent with each passing day, year do not have year of flavour more and more, but a tradition insists tenaciously to come down, that is give sb a present.

This year before the Spring Festival, the investigation that waits for urban community to Beijing, Shanghai, spic shows an investigation company, the person that has 68.5 % thinks give sb a present is the content with indispensable Spring Festival, the person be visited that has 41.6% states he is annual the Spring Festival gets a gift. Look the obligatory course that give sb a present still is most person.

Chose gift to become a knowledge naturally also. Of at present gift pack more and more exquisite, the advertisement that blot out the sky and cover up the earth also is enrolled exceptionally each, useful “ creditable ” helps identity of your drive up or grade; Useful “ showily ” indicates your sincerity is easy; Mom of useful “ pa loves ” to replace idea of your conjecture old person most; You send symbolization of useful “ lucky ” lucky ……

Sale strategy is admittedly important, the most essential, still satisfied the certain requirement of society and consumer because of gift. After all we are taking away gift to visit friend in person, be by what force place drive? In the process of give sb a present, what do we and society produce to change accordingly?

Gift: The carrier that affection conveys

“ did not meet for ages, meet how can empty-handed? ”“ ceremony much person is not strange! ”“ money is spent, not lose face! ”“ ambulates more ambulate, go to family of find sth useful when, fasten a make effort at the last moment! ” these are the explanations that people blurts out to behavior of give sb a present.

Actually, between close friends, the gift resembles containers esp. for use in the house of a full-dress affective, expressive is a kind of close affection and friendship. If do not have this container, this affection cannot be delivered, experience and save. As a result of this kind of token function of the gift, it makes the indispensable thing in social life. Important is not container itself, however the content in container. Accordingly, people often says: “ a goose feather sent from a thousand li away, ceremony light ties of friendship weighs ” .

Gift affection explicit changed, materialize, affective property and degree also are met the respect expression such as the precious degree from the gift, unusual degree comes out. But, emphasize the vendibility of the gift overly, with respect to the affection value that can't well experience a gift with the heart, return possible oversight or wrong solution affection, the fault thinks to there is Maotai certainly in Maotai bottle.

Gift: The print that affection flows
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