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2008 China. Exposition of things of spin of family of Shenyang handicraft gift

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2008 China. Exposition of things of spin of family of Shenyang handicraft gift

2008 Shenyang (autumn) the home holds artistic red-letter day

Time: 28 years in August 29—31 day

Place: Does Ji of  of Ч of Ting Meng cattail go quite?

Sponsor an unit:

Liaoning saves guild of arts and crafts

Jilin saves travel society

Heilongjiang saves travel society

Liaoning saves travel society

Shenyang town building decorates association

Undertake unit:

Meeting day north exhibits Shenyang the exhibition serves limited company

One, introductive:

The 16th National Congress of Communist Party of China puts forward to revitalize the strategy of base of northeast old industry to carry out 4 years, northeast region economy produced tremendous change, each district government is in cite main capital attraction, the famous enterprise of each district of the transnational corporation of the developed country on the world and area, whole nation and each businessman in succession embrace into northeast. As all sorts of economic and trade activities hold often, to leap of demand of gift, handicraft, northeastern the market of tremendous gift handicraft that formed to be a center with Shenyang.

Northeast is ground of a multiracial assemble, ethical culture has distinguishing feature quite; The one palace of Shenyang residence of two hill, Shenyang, cultural relic historic site cans be found everywhere, save good, each travel tourist attraction is receiving millions every year plan south come the tourist that north goes to. The development of tourism, drive the development of market of gift of northeast travel commodity, handicraft, toy.

Holding ground Shenyang is Liaoning province provincial capital, it is center of the economy of northeast area, culture, traffic, finance and trade. In recent years, centrally revitalizes the guiding of policy of base of northeast old industry to fall, the estate market of Shenyang got fast development, estate development area is in every year 12 million the left and right sides that make the same score rice, decorate an area to amount to 16 million square metre every year, secondhand room market is in 6 million the left and right sides that make the same score rice, have occupy of 22 thousand dwellers every year bridal chamber. Of estate market active with development, to the household of Shenyang the market brought prosperity, articles for use of textile of of all kinds family expenses, household, demand is climbed continuously litre.

The brand manufacturer that is articles for use of domestic and international gift, handicraft, household and each platform that big businessman builds a cooperative communication, liaoning saves association of arts and crafts, Jilin to save travel society, Heilongjiang to save travel society, Liaoning to save city of travel society, Shenyang to build adornment association, Shenyang meeting day north extends the trade such as the company the organization holds jointly: Shenyang of ” of exposition of things of spin of family of gift of handicraft of “2008 China Shenyang, “2008 (autumn) the home installs ” of artistic moral integrity.
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