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Exposition of articles for use of household of handicraft of gift of internation

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Sponsor an orgnaization: Shandong of Chinese gift association saves Shandong of association of arts and crafts to save travel restaurant association

Exhibition of Guangdong rich prosperous serves peaceful of rich of limited company Qingdao to show trade limited company

Show time: On June 5, 2008 —7 day

Exhibit an address: International exhibition center of Chinese · Qingdao

Congress network address:

Support an orgnaization: Japan of artificial chamber of commerce revitalizes Qingdao Korea company

Exhibit meeting theme: Make gift of green Olympic Games show color of brand enterprise wind

Olympic Games business chance is infinite economy of annulus Bohai Sea is overwhelm

Since 21 centuries, the abidance of Chinese economy what high speed development, commerce managed global unifinication to drive gift market directly is active. 2008 Olympic Games will be brought to gift market have 40 business chance of 100 million at least, chinese gift market lifts upsurge again. As 2008 Olympic Games, qingdao relies on economy of bay of annulus Bohai Sea to encircle advantage industry, shandong peninsula collaborate from within with forces from outside, economy grows the bibcock town that overwhelm; Qingdao visits greatly as coastal economy, it is one of port of 5 big foreign trade, it is one of urban ” that Chinese “ has economic energy most, it is the foreign trade window with Chinese the most important north, it is the central city of radiation day Han and circle of economy of bay of annulus Bohai Sea, have commerce contact with the 450 many haven of on the world 130 many countries and area. Qingdao and Korea, Japan lies between sea facies to look, end by 2006, japan invests an enterprise in Qingdao 1548, korea invests an enterprise in Qingdao 9323, qingdao has large quantities of one China famous enterprise, letter of the Er that be like the sea, sea, green Pi, bay Ke Ma, cheek medium, Qing Gang, double star, benefit group, Qingdao harbor (group) , Qingdao construction group, beautiful group. Mature consumptive market and giant client group can lay solid foundation to hold high quality gift to exhibit.

2007CQIGE is wonderful review

The family of handicraft of gift of international of the 8th Qingdao that held in June 2007 things exposition (2007CQIGE) showpiece area 10000 square metre, ginseng postpone business 332, recieve professional audience in all 10 thousand 8 1000 person-time, visiting business and major purchase business to all be opposite current exhibit can feel generally very satisfactory, joined again 2008 exhibit rate predict to amount to 86 % above!

2007CQIGE spot scans

On June 7, 2007 morning 9:30, exposition of articles for use of household of handicraft of gift of international of the 8th Qingdao (2007CQIGE) grand opening, organizing committee policymaker, government attended an opening ceremony on invitation about leader of sectional chief, industry and visit fair. Include Shandong to save deputy mayor of travel director Li Deming, Qingdao city Tibet cherishs his fellow citizen, commerce of Li Qingde of chairman of association of restaurant of travel of province of Wang Jiangong of director of bureau of tourism of city of course of study of Malan of vice director of city National People's Congress, Qingdao, Shandong, China International. Leader attending the meeting undertook sufficient affirmation to the organization of the organizing committee, job that enrol business, the consequence that evaluated exhibition highly and the serious effect that have inside the industry, encourage everybody to make persistent efforts to exhibit Qingdao gift turn the Gao Shuiping that has world advanced standard into exhibition.
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