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Exposition of articles for use of household of handicraft of gift of internation

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Exhibition by a definite date 3 days, be permeated with from beginning to end in enthusiastic atmosphere, spot order for goods is very active, lottery activity still alternated during exhibition, purchase information to release wait for content, effective abundance spot atmosphere.

2007CQIGE 7 big window:

Internationalization: Current exhibiting can be level of all previous internationalization is top, ginseng of 52 abroad enterprise is exhibited; Abroad purchases intent much, come from ten countries purchase an organization to attend a meeting the spot is purchased.
The brand changes: Exhibition has succeeded before this held 7, the organizing committee is right the brand that execute changes exhibition result sees at the beginning of development strategy, “ brand is changed, standardization, internationalization”In organizing committee interior it is a catchword no longer. Inside the industry approbate degree reach unprecedented level, make the focal point that the magazine inside the industry, website reports.
Specialization: Exhibiting item on display, culture is savoured tall, class is tall. Exhibit division into districts cent is reasonable. Join scale of audience of the major in exhibiting an audience to be as high as 91% , realize historic leap.
4, deal in generalities: Had seized an opportunity, catch allowed to cut a point, seize the development moment of the Olympic Games, offerred Olympic Games gift this concept.
Governmental government gives aid to strength is big:
Stereo conduct propaganda: Exhibition came true truly stereo change conduct propaganda, include media of industry website, magazine, public, TV, entrance ticket, invitation letter, exhibit dispatch. Have the advertisement that cross the bridge, wall body advertisement and city inside billboard of flourishing a section of a highway. The advertisement that cross the bridge is located in aid blueness high speed and with mouth of across of 3 high speed; Wall body advertisement basically is located in the flourishing a section of a highway such as Qingdao city, Jinan city, power sea city. In addition, the organizing committee is exhibited in the medium-sized and big, congener major of home and international undertook strong advertisement is publicized on the meeting, include to extend propagandist data, invite the audience that postpone business to wait face-to-face.

7, intense echo: Muddleheaded small-moutheds jar dash forward of?008CQIGE of ざ of ≡ of back of archives of Yi Li of obituary of  of  of discharge of  of mulberry of У graceful gorge exhibit, much home company expresses to will expand next year ginseng extend scope.

2008CQIGE upgrades in the round reveal the big colour that exhibit wind
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