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Exposition of articles for use of household of handicraft of gift of internation

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2008CQIGE moves division Qingdao is the biggest international exhibition center of Qingdao of the — that exhibit a house, combine powerful origanization construction, capture the Olympic Games to grow turning point, upgrade in the round, to accelerate the flying development of Chinese gift industry, the gift that drives China makes an enterprise move toward the world it is arena, good to do for Qingdao match of caique of 2008 Olympic Games makes greater contribution. 2008CQIGE is set beforehand exhibit 700, exhibit an area 10 thousand 5000 square metre, predict to invite professional audience to attend a meeting 30000 person-time. The ginseng of outstanding brand enterprise that 2008CQIGE invites the key the product to have characteristic of “ green, environmental protection, healthy ” is exhibited, implementation “ makes what gift of green Olympic Games reveals ” of brand enterprise elegant demeanour exhibit meeting theme, make 2008CQIGE Chinese Hua Dong region the biggest gift is exhibited.

Strong conduct propaganda popularizes safeguard ginseng to exhibit the effect with all one's strength

★ 2008CQIGE will be in global the print on the public media such as magazine of thousands of professional magazine, website and newspaper, trade, TV station, broadcast puts an advertisement, issue news;
★ organizes member unit ginseng to exhibit through powerful guild, look around;

★ is used undertake the giant database resource that the orgnaization is as long as 8 years to accumulate mails invitation 200 thousand portion, hair send an electron to invitation card 1 million;

★ releases; of outdoors advertisement, guidepost advertisement for a long time

The ” of the dispatch before making the “ that exhibits business and ginseng to exhibit item on display about congress trends and ginseng exhibit with ★ nonsked 2008CQIGE and “ exhibit newspaper ” , adopt system of resource of 200 thousand databases, mail in purchasing business hand to major;

★ is famous to having those who spend is congener exhibit meeting, undertake the orgnaization heads for group person specially assigned for a task ” of the dispatch before distributing “ to exhibit and “ to exhibit newspaper ” , entrance ticket to wait;

★ makes full use of the advantage that two ground of Qingdao, Guangzhou show a company to combine, innovate hard, guangzhou company is inviting Hua Na extensively while each major buys the home, invite the international such as southeast Asia to purchase mainly, company of Qingdao of visiting group; is inviting Hua Dong extensively, China in while economy of Bohai Sea of area, annulus encircles each major to buy the home, use the geographical advantage stress with particular oneself to invite the international such as Japan, Korea, Germany to purchase, visiting group.

★ and foreign relevant orgnaization, association, chamber of commerce, halt China the business organization gives full cooperation, organize by its business is purchased to go to meeting visiting communication outside the condition.
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