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Exposition of articles for use of household of handicraft of gift of internation

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The major of high quality purchases business

Business of ★ agency, agent, imports and exports, shopkeeper
★ is firm of department store, ad, large bazaar supermarket
The country such as ★ day Han is stationed in China consulate, handle affairs commerce orgnaization
★ is governmental purchase department, large medium foreign enterprise institution

Orgnaization of company of shop of ★ major terminal market, gift, formal celebration, chain

Organization of ★ relevant association, trade, collector

Show time: On June 5, 2008 —7 day

1. Exhibited business into house cloth to 4 days of ginseng on June 3, 2008.

2. Purchased business to enter to 7 days on June 5, 2008 look around negotiate, purchase order goods.

3. On June 7, 2008 14: 00 when remove exhibit.

Exhibit an address: Qingdao international exhibition center (road of mountain of seedling of square of century of Chinese · Qingdao 9)

Qingdao international exhibition center is a collect exhibition, conference, business affairs, meal, recreation muti_function change at the contemporary intelligence of an organic whole exhibit a house, city of the square of century of Qingdao tall new developed area that is located in scene charming and gentle, beer east side, be close to the sea, the environment is beautiful, establishment is perfect, it is the ideal place that holds meeting of international exhibition, international. Can install standard of nearly 3000 international to exhibit; Passed ISO9001: 2000 quality manage systematic attestation.

Ginseng extend scope:

1, gift: Gift, sales promotion is tasted, book of advertisement gift, electron gift, souvenir gift, craft gift, Christmas gift, calendar, photograph, stationery, award, pot, Tao Yi, glass is tasted, crystal, porcelain is tasted, the skin is provided, box bag, horological.

2, handicraft: Handicraft of craft of metallic technology, pottery and porcelain, headgear craft, sculpture sculpture craft, silk craft, colophony craft, folk, handicraft is tasted, Zhu Huang of fan of flowers of ironwork of ligneous handicraft, cane, man-made, umbrella, the four treasures of the study, jade article, platinic (fizzle out) golden act the role ofing is tasted.

3, domestic articles for use: (1) appliance of appliance of clean things, bathroom, family expenses cleanness. (2) electric equipment of cuisine things, kitchen, bake dish, tea service, wine is provided, suit tableware, glass is implemental. (3) decorate things: Basket of adornment of family expenses textile, artistic painting, glass, fruit, frame, sweet fume series. (4) electric home appliances
4, zone of Olympic Games gift: Does  of two of narrow of summary alarm Zhan die slightly Jin fragrant sunken commonplace ぁ ?
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