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Exposition of articles for use of household of handicraft of gift of internation

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Exhibit a norms and rate

1, exposition is uniform the international standard that uses 3MΧ3M norms is exhibited, every exhibit include: 3 are exhibited board, a ginseng exhibits lintel board (congress is unified make) , one piece negotiates 2 stage, chairs, 2 shoot electrical outlet of power source of a the lamp, 500W/220V.

2, every standard is exhibited, course of study of condition foreign enterprise 1800 dollars, domestic ginseng postpones business 6500 RMBs, horn add every receive 500 yuan of RMBs, appoint exhibit add close of 20% extend a charge.

3, indoor clearing collects fees: Hire since 36 ㎡, ㎡ of domestic company RMB650/ , ㎡ of foreign enterprise USD150/ (extremelying He Pei covers establishment) note: Mount administration fee especially 10 yuan / square metre / sessional.

4, the requirement is joined assist run an unit, contact with the organizing committee please.

Exposition proceedings of a conferences, spot reachs the advertisement before the meeting

2008CQIGE is a breakthrough exposition is short the limitation between 3 climate, besides the figure advertisement with congress many spot, use undertake the giant professional database buying the home that the orgnaization is as long as 8 years to accumulate, if exhibit a newspaper,rolled out, mail the advertisement before the meeting such as carry secretly, entrance ticket, make join exhibit business to be able to achieve favorable result before the meeting, welcome everybody active subscribe.

Marked price (RMB)
Marked price (RMB)
The price

18000 yuan
Inside back cover
7000 yuan
Advertisement of picture of the · that exhibit a newspaper

Back cover
12000 yuan
The page inside color
5000 yuan
Information of character of the · that exhibit a newspaper

Inside front cover
8000 yuan
Black and white inside page
1500 yuan
Mail carry secretly
8000 yuan / 10 thousand

Other advertisement project: Entrance ticket 2000 yuan / arch of 10 thousand pieces of colour 6000 yuan / professional audience sees card 6000 yuan / 10 thousand seminars 4000 yuan /

Website LOGO1000 yuan / chromatic balloon 600 yuan / gift bag 6000 yuan / 1000 Dao Qi 3000 yuan / brief introduction of 50 society news 1000 yuan /

Exposition contacts means:

Address: Qingdao city fine calm road 17 municipal office building 713 rooms

Phone: (0532) 83755508 83722208

Fax: (0532) 83743238 83720109

Electric mail:

Network address:

Organizing committee delegate: Pan Xiaoli 1378068732

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