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Chinese gold output will reside the world 2007 the 2nd

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Hou Huimin of vice-chairman of Chinese gold association expresses 5 days, gold output may grow China this year 8% , achieve 260 record-breaking tons, and was 240 tons 2006. He says, gold output ought to be the United States this year 250 tons or so.

Gold output increases to fizzle out the gold in the help the requirement that the enterprise such as golden Inc. and Inc. of group of violet gold mining industry satisfies China to grow increasingly to gold, reduce import demand.

The whole world writes mining industry of gold of England of ——— of rare metal research organization to serve a company (· carat Pu Weike says Philip of Chairman GFMS) executive 6 days: “ actually, the crop of Chinese gold mine exceeded south Africa very likely 2007. ”

Serve company statistic according to gold mining industry, the nadir that global gold output fell to come to 10 years last year, have 2477 tons only. The gold output of before this year 6 months is south Africa 134 tons. Since 2002, the gold output of south Africa already fell nearly 1/3.

Hou Huimin points out: “ decreases ceaselessly in view of output of south Africa gold and the current that Chinese gold output increases ceaselessly, china ought to can not be in inside time become the world's biggest gold to produce a country. ”

Chinese government relaxed to be opposite the control of this industry. This year September, shanghai futures exchange obtains administration approval to appear on the market gold futures.

Because the dollar drops ceaselessly to euro exchange rate, crude price breaks through every pails of 96 dollars, the appeal that gold chooses as investment increases ceaselessly. So far, gold price already rose this year 28% , this already was gold price rises the 6th year continuously.

The Hou Huimin of Chinese gold association says, increase ceaselessly as demand, price of next year gold may be achieved new tall, break through every ounce 850 dollars. “ is long-term and character, gold price still ought to have the space that rises further. ”

Gold price rises ceaselessly make company of abroad mining industry invest to China. Australia bay China gold limited company already invested one of golden mine with development China the largest reserve.