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Our country government first " goddess in the moon " emissive souvenir badge

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Explore the breakthrough of 0 ” of “ to commemorate Chinese deep space, a ” launchs goddess in the moon of “ of satellite of month of the first visit of enthusiastic congratulation our country successful, via concerning sectional approval, by Shanghai mint bear a ” launchs the “ goddess in the moon that make successfully souvenir badge 1 gold 2 silver, begin to be issued in countrywide each district, this is up to now the “ goddess in the moon that home issues the first set by authoritative orgnaization souvenir of precious metal of a ” , it first the 3 big milepost that whole record showed Chinese spaceflight career to launch ” of ” of man-made world satellite, “ manned spaceflight and “ deep space to explore ” to go up in “ type incident.

On October 25, 2007, allusion of emissive bullion of a ” hides goddess in the moon of “ of satellite of Chinese visit month in hall of Beijing people congress to appeared to attract the eyeball that the countless person that collect and spaceflight confuse, an upsurge that collects Tibet of spaceflight subject matter to taste was caused inside countrywide limits.

First gold casts label of ” of “ visit month, contemporary goddess in the moon runs quickly to “ gold moon”

For souvenir a ”“ goes straight towards “ goddess in the moon brigade ” of the month, allusion of bullion of two silver-colored forms hides this one gold that rolls out by Shanghai mint, among them will the label of ” of project of month of “ China visit, show via bullion form first come out, use 1/10 ounce 99.9% gold are cast, glistening, golden, it is a “ gold moon that takes off alive simply ” !

Additionally two silver-colored chapters weigh 120 grams, it is the pure Yin Zhu of 99.9% to build, its design goes straight towards lunar ” nation with old “ goddess in the moon epic serve as piece, respectively income east of “ of satellite of world of the first man-made of our country is red boat of god of a ” , “ 6 ” and two astronaut return to base successfully, a ” is in “ goddess in the moon aerospace moves when the most stirring instant in course of Chinese spaceflight development. Between heart career of spaceflight of lifelike emersion our country from start up to now brilliant achievement.

Of the “ cut into a mountain of visit month project make ” , everybody wants to buy

According to expert introduction, the cent of visit month project of our country circles ” , “ to fall for “ ” , “ answers ”3 level, goddess in the moon of the “ that finish a ” this second after exploration task, still will launch moon soft landing before 2020 implement, the spherical outside breaking through the ground lands technology, with the technology that returns the earth from the celestial bodies outside the ground, undertake moon sample automatic sampling returns the earth. Such, the first when collect as theme of month of whole spaceflight visit, it is the following collect value to not allow absolutely small gaze.
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