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Our country government first " goddess in the moon " emissive souvenir badge

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In issue the spot, a spaceflight confusing tells us: I see “ CCTV " news broadcast " later, searching this to cover precious contemporary cultural relic hard. What consider its widely known just about is famous degree, I today one big early come, bought 3 fortunately, as collect taste the big ox in, opportunity once in a blue moon, this but cannot be missed easily! ”

” of “ money a tooth-like part of anything collects some of the ability on the RMB personally now taste the market to cause sensation!

Classics understanding, cover “ goddess in the moon originally Tibet of allusion of bullion of a ” , global set limit to issues 10 thousand, dig is in what what use except the country in relevant activity, and the part of spaceflight system interior, issue an amount publicly actually to still be less than 4000, every cover what all deserve to Shanghai mint is issued to contain the banknote paper number of watermark of ” of the money on “ to prevent perjured book, employed ” of a tooth-like part of anything of money of “ of some of the ability on the RMB, in order to ensures the rights and interests of the person that collect.

Live after the information that Mr Zhang of Guangzhou sees souvenir badge is issued on newspaper, ordered two with respect to the phone at once, hear supply of goods is nervous, the daughter that lets oneself again goes the spot bought two more, take in one's hand hind, if obtain jewellery, say excitedly: “ tells the truth, collect like this kind article, a lot of people want to buy, but set limit to is issued, having a lot of people is impossible to buy get. ”

Win spaceflight government authorization solely

Tibet of day of international Shanghai Airline tastes value very big, 11 airship that publish a month commemorate the Apollo that issues like the United States 5 times silver-colored chapter, the auction clinchs a deal valence exceeded 40 thousand dollar, with respect to the heat shield of the spacelab airship that launched even the United States 1979, every market value is as high as 5000-7500 dollar, and still be in show ascendant trend, although you be willing to part with or use is bought now, beautiful money also cannot be bought. The expert tells us: “ has the Tibet that collects value extremely high to taste like these, having one exception is official souvenir, if do not have authoritative authorization procedure, it is not to have those who collect value. ”

He still says, cover bullion allusion to hide originally by head office of Chinese spaceflight group exclusive accredit, enjoy goddess in the moon of ” of label of month of visit of use “ China and —— of satellite of month of “ China visit the intellectual property of model of written characters of ” of a ” , “ China spaceflight, other commerce product can not be likened to its authority. Since the CCTV " news broadcast " after having a story to this, this covers the bullion allusion Tibet that issues exclusively by the government, cannot satisfy at all supply. He reminds broad collect lover, the Tibet of a few bullion on current market tastes fine bad people differ, order of money of a lot of souvenir casts factory name to be done not have repeatedly unexpectedly, authoritative, whether is there safeguard after buying, can be imagined.
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