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Trade fair of general merchandise of daily expense of the 101st China / expositi

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Trade fair of general merchandise of Chinese daily expense
Exposition of articles for use of Chinese contemporary household
The 101th China Daily-use Articles Trade Fair&China Modern Home Expo
Invitation letter
Extend high-quality goods general merchandise to advocate high grade life
Time: 9-11 day ground nodded in March 2008: International exhibition center of Guangzhou Pa city
Sponsor an unit: Trade Association of Chinese general merchandise
Undertake unit: In 100 assist (Beijing) can exhibit limited company
Assist run an unit: Shanghai sincere achieve an exhibition to serve limited company
Support an unit: Bazaar of people of Chengdu of Inc. of the 100 groups in Wuhan (group) Inc.
In the center of Harbin of limited company of group of trade of Hangzhou couplet Hua Hua red group Inc.
Commodity of China couplet north matchs pieces of Henan is big industrial limited company send a center finite liability company
Business par interlinks limited company of group of building of general merchandise of hill of company the Tang Dynasty in
Wuhan limited company of group of industry of business of jewel of city of Langfang of shopping centers of rash alley square
Guangdong is austral Zhejiang of small commodities city limited company of civilian abundant supermarket

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Can calls “ China general merchandise the 101st the first China that exhibits ” trade fair of daily expense general merchandise, exhibit meeting general on March 9, 2008 - 11 days export city of trade fair Pa to exhibit a house to hold in Guangzhou China, set international standard to exhibit 2000. For redound broad the support that postpones business and deep love, 101 are exhibited can begin to sign up now book the job, we will according to sign up first, book first, arrange first extend a sale principle, exhibit the new old client of the meeting to undertake exhibiting to long-term support ahead of schedule book.
Guangzhou is historical culture famous city and chiliad ancient capital, it is a vibrant modern city at the same time, hong Kong of city of adjoin neighbour border, more make its increased the dominant position that communicates with international. The history that meets general merchandise is accumulated and the radiation ability of industry influence and Guangzhou is united in wedlock effectively, can move toward the whole nation for domestic company surely, march toward the world to provide the the directest, most effective opportunity; Enter Chinese market to offer the the most convenient, fastest channel for international brand. Extend into high-quality goods general merchandise, advocate high grade life, we exhibit meeting platform for what you build, will be a tenet in order to serve, promote the internationalization process of Fair in the round, turn over general merchandise the one page with brand-new phylogeny, take you to set foot on new journey.
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