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Moon cake of Kunming day price marks a price 310 thousand build more than 100 sm

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Close mid-autumn festival, the day price moon cake with silver of a few Tibet that bury gold, unusual price appears in succession, show the sign that grow in intensity, let a lot of people feel interrogative: Whether has such moon cake changed “ flavour ” ? This answering whether was sweet and clinking traditional festival already profaned by low practice place? Nearly 9 years, the price of a few moon cake gets high really unusual: In Changchun, price of a moon cake 1800 multivariate, contain in ceremony box lever of a pair of golf.

In Zhengzhou, a pure silver-colored moon cake that the name is perfect conjugal bliss weighs 1 kilogram, there are 56 natural gems on moon cake, mark a price 6900 yuan.

Be in Kunming, a moon cake marks a price 310 thousand multivariate. Box of moon cake ceremony is divided deserve to have watch for an opportunity of number of Ao Lin Ba Si one stage, camera one bottle, clique overcomes fluid of one ministry, 5 grain gold fountain pen, famous brand lighter outside, still deserve to advanced health care is tasted, tea. More bizarre is, this moon cake still deserves to have the housing of a 100 much square metre.

Shanghai quality technology supervises bureau policy code to grow Feng Chunrong to say everywhere: The practice that although people is right,at present moon cake collocation sells “ is oppugned more quite, but the legal laws and regulations of our country does not have special regulation to this. Of qualitative check branch supervise daily selective examination, undertake in the light of moon cake itself only commonly, the quality of those multifarious commodity that build carry out often unknown. ”

A moon cake, do again subtly, anthology makings observe and study again, cost also with respect to a few yuan of money, a moon cake also a few yuan. Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, only 15 % go to the gross profit that common moon cake sells on the market at present 30 % , and the gross profit that sells luxurious moon cake may be achieved hundred.

Concerned statistic shows, our country packs expense to already occupied moon cake to produce the 3 above of 1 / of totle drilling cost at present, what be used every year at the charge that moon cake packs to already amounted to 2.5 billion yuan is gigantic. ” of “ in the long run, this expenses should come finally by consumer “ buries odd ” .

7 enter Tophet into moon cake box

Before the Mid-autumn Festival, boxes of all sorts of moon cake of exquisite of charge for the making of sth. cannot be done not have in the result in moon cake big fight, but after the night of lunar circle, these gorgeous and pleasing to the eye moon cake boxes immediately dim and blank, be just as rejection of offspring of the nobility of be in distress to fall the street thoroughfares, some is to connect cake to take a box to become even cheap rubbish. Of one night lie between, the He Yi that bestow favor on disgrace?
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