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New Olympic Games year the first " float " new sale of the unconscious originali

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Experience sale enrols exceptionally: The first “ bleachs real swords and spears-the real thing”

08 be an Olympic Games year, the day that ” of “ new Beijing, new Olympic Games dreams to come true has been nearly before. And the wind insufflate that Olympic Games spring tide also will move car city, but everybody did not think of, olympic Games year city of the first car moves feeling sale to make fun of greatly, begin from the MPV model of all along gentle elegance unexpectedly. Brand of new fighting spirit cheats clique gram, what mysterious ground makes show a person with sedate and easy figure all along is muti_function business affairs car, show an agile and brave to arouse feeling, passion mad another wild, did real swords and spears-the real thing throw the limit of cycle racing bound to move? D? The flying car drift with D exciting alarmingly dangerous.

“ drift ” is the topic of eternity of person enjoying a car. Be in China, besides the person that drives tensile racing car, the person that knows drift is few. A lot of people are the film that relates flying car story from what had seen Zhou Jielun act the leading role " head character D " hind, ability experience drift this kind of god the flying car marvellous spectacle of its ability. And the scene that covers a clique to overcome a flying car drift, at the door the home that moved each large city consumer.


Unconscious clique overcomes this newest generation the tall firm batholith, high-grade MPV that exceeds big space, the car achieves 2 tons again, automobile body grows 5235mm, wide 1825mm, tall 1950mm, should falling without the circumstance that any changing one's costume or dress actually, the instant finishs form of 180 degrees of big circumgyrate, S to circle picket, change to bring a car to drift of drift, two-way drift, double car, person the ability of professional racing bicycle such as …… of put in storage of drift, high speed drift, automatic drift made acrobatics motion. Listen go up make a person fab, but cheat clique gram to accomplish in fact: Recently, “ wins firmly 2008 - the limit holds Mengpake accuse countrywide make one's rounds to perform ” to go all the way from …… of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, in the public eye, without the Mengpake that any changing one's costume or dress, the again and again makes a person ground of acclaim as the peak of perfection finished a series of tall difficulty successfully movement. And every time drift throws tail, it is the maddest to car quality torment and most extreme test.

This is 08 Olympic Gameses year the first open car drift, also be 08 Olympic Gameses year invite audience and experience of consumer close quarters for the first time drift, personal try try drive the car sale activity that experiences drift. Before Mengpake, the whole nation and even whole world never a MPV has gotten drift, the unconscious it may be said that send a gram initiated “MPV whole world the first bleach ” , the “MPV drift that Mengpake also makes a hundred per cent accordingly ” of the first car.  
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