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The survey data of association of products of Zhejiang crystal technology

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Riverside river county is located in Zhejiang mid, hang Jinqu freeway, line of another name for Jiangxi Province of short for Zhejiang Province passes through prefectural condition, the history is long, mountains and rivers-land is beautiful, from at the height of power and splendour of ancient prose wind, the talent comes forth in large numbers, person of generation of a person of academic or artistic distinction of painting and calligraphy thering is no lack of, element calls the countryside of “ painting and calligraphy ” , crystal handicraft development is very fast in last few years, industry of Pu Jiang crystal from crystal bead start, all previous classics 18 carry, develop crystal handicraft, ever by Comrade Hu Jintao praise be “ crystal ” . On November 24, classics Zhejiang omits sanction of civil administration hall, zhejiang saves river of riverside of settle of association of crystal technology products, so far industry of 3 big characteristic established riverside river county provincial and professional association.

According to statistic, the manufacturing company that at present industry of this county crystal has production value to exceed 100 million yuan 4, the dimensions enterprise of 5 million above 23. Have Zhejiang to save famous trade mark 2, famous brand of golden China city 4. The company of crystal handicraft production that registers via standard of door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry and individual and industrial and commercial door amount to 1370, even more from personnel of course of study 50 thousand, add numerous fittings business, relevant plated film factory, inside vulture factory, mould factory, pack presswork the enterprise such as the factory, formed complete industrial chain. Realized production value 2005 2.5 billion yuan, 60% what crop takes the throughout the country, 80% of complete province, pu Jiangcheng is the whole nation's greatest crystal handicraft to machine base and raw material distribution centre, of the “ China crystal that becomes the name matches the reality ” .

As we have learned, crystal technology products is the property that Zhejiang province has distinguishing feature alone. Its traceable Pu Jiang, start at 20 centuries 80 time. From small crystal ball arrives crystal lamps and lanterns, reappearance exhibits crystal technology products, crystal technology trade not only the pillar industry that already became economy of region of riverside river county, and rapid development comes to visit each district completely. Current, zhejiang saves crystal technology products to sell past throughout the country each are big in city, sell as far as to world each district. Establish guild to will conduce to normative market order, strengthen an industry to control oneself, enhance an industry to be in the competition ability of domestic and international market, the economic issue that answers the enterprise inside the industry to go up in domestic international market and commerce chafe.
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