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Ceremony business talks the way of innovation sale

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Show level, gift industry grows rapid, competition intense, meanwhile gift company is extended in the brand, the innovation of sale shift and the specific measure that will serve as efficient as sale integrated respect to lack effective. A few days ago, in the spot of activity of video living broadcast of a big website, limited company of IT of Beijing red child holds the post of gift career ministry to sell chief inspector king to put the innovation sale respect with respect to gift company on the ice to express professional and original opinion.

Expert brief introduction: Wang Bing is graduated from Beijing University, major computer management is professional, hind at major of law of attend in a advanced studies of Beijing Normal University. Be engaged in gift sale survey and practice job old, early or late hold post tastes the industry media major such as magazine company, network to be engaged in survey of gift industry sale working at the ceremony, assume office to hold the post of gift career ministry to sell chief inspector at limited company of IT of Beijing red child now.

Innovation serves new weight used on a balance of —— gift sale

The service idea of innovation innovates in outstanding “ ” , the service needs itself of enterprise of with a view to, carry market survey, discover the market is blank, seek business market fixed position, then rolls out corresponding service act, sortie more high end, more professional, more personalized market serves a field.

1, the market confidence that acts on company brand terminal to change, roll out perfect service system

Why be besides gift course of study does the personage have the brand company that the person knows gift line of business rarely? Why does large manufacturer begin sortie terminal market? Mr Wang Bing thinks: At present domestic gift course of study regards one each as last centuries a when 80 time derive gradually as market development burgeoning industry, through 20 old development, the market gradually chain of value of sale of standard, market also matures gradually, business of factory, agency, agent, jobber, trafficker, service moving toward dimensions to change in each service levels, specialization; But the concept that the brand enterprise inside the industry did not walk out of an industry, this can be mixed from the angle of market sale the terminal brand sale of the market concludes.

The catenary of domestic gift sale of ” of “ dumbbell type has been shown, of dumbbell is a factory directly, it is service business directly; And intermediate part is in atrophic, namely the middleman in the concept (agency of generally refer to, agent, jobber, trafficker) in atrophy, because show what major did not appear among the gift market of level, the company that has countrywide cent to sell ability at the same time, middleman is managed on the hardship that the characteristic of regional characteristic and industry concern sale may decide to this kind of company is born.
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