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Fu Bao Yu pillow shining Gift Fair in Shenzhen

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Home in the all-inclusive Gift Fair in Shenzhen, a variety of current element has its own unique landscape, the intersection of them in the show, no doubt to the 21st at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center -24 became the birthplace of the fashion autumn. LOHAS is a new lifestyle from the west group, came from the transliteration of LOHAS, emphasis on "health, happiness, environmental protection and sustainable" way of life, combined with the low-carbon living, is to represent the development trend of the future of mankind . Gift Fair held in Shenzhen to attract a large number of music live, low-carbon fans. The gift fair use on the emergence of a lot of paper, bamboo, wood, mud, leaves and stems of plants and other natural materials as packaging gifts. As with Phoebe, camphor produced a variety of box, box storage pen, ink, calligraphy, painting, ink and other items; leather with bamboo shoots, bamboo, purple tea produced by small-tube packing; with plant leaves and the skin (palm leather) made bamboo basket packed home textiles, tableware and so on. Not only environmental health, also reflects the natural beauty from the natural, human and natural harmony of the United States. Zhejiang Zhu Mei Group has introduced the "Fu Bao Yu pillow" by the majority of consumers, "Fu Bao Yu pillow" is based on traditional Chinese medicine health and medicine within the disease outside the governance of the central reasons for Zhu Mei Group and joint research and development and health care professionals into its unique convex design, ergonomic, especially in the sleep state, the group can relax the neck skin to form a delicate cervical cited comfort. Disease prevention through clinical validation of their health and longevity with a special effect. According to Zhejiang Zhu Mei Group executive vice president Zhou Huifen introduction, "Fu Bao Yu pillow" is Zhu Mei team of experts to the general public to achieve the purposes of health and longevity, polished use of traditional Chinese medicine health care and treatment within the disease outside the pharmacology, clinical practical experience, which developed from the health care products, type, color, flavor, medicine, elegant taste. "Fu Bao Yu pillow" shape at the neck pillow, physiological characteristics and distribution of scientific modeling meridian points; color therapy popular in the world, played a different color on the physical and mental health treatment; with Hong therapy on human physical, mental and even pathological play adjuvant therapy; with Hong treatment of human physical, mental and even pathological play the role of adjuvant therapy; selected natural authentic herbs, scientific and reasonable compatibility, effectiveness significantly; the poems paint pictures for the lead, from the heart and spirit to Heaven one's health state. It is worth mentioning that the treasure of natural longevity longevity longevity pillow has the effect, said Professor Wu Housheng, people of life, some can reach 120 years old, which is a scientific basis, the era of prosperity in the 21st century, a hundred birthday more than endless, inspiring. "Fu Bao natural longevity pillow" to natural longevity of Chinese herbal medicines for the processing of raw materials refined, designed to human health and longevity and create more hundred birthday. Pillow selection of natural longevity longevity Po Huang Jing, red ginseng, astragalus, medlar, Bulao Cao, Rhodiola and other natural authentic herbs, scientific compatibility, cooked with special processing technology, according to the head and neck anatomy and physiology and human meridian curve, points issued by the characteristics of longevity in Chinese medicine made of pillows, with blood circulation and getting a vivid, Yifei spleen, brain repose, TiansuiYinao fine, solid-element air intake or fat Yuanyang, longevity purposes.