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Chinas census Registration donated gifts home

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November 1, Chaoyang District, residents of the home community workers registered in the information, giving small gifts to the residents. Home the sixth national census register was officially launched on November 1. In just 10 days time, in accordance with the standards and pace of national unity, will organize more than 600 million census workers, in-depth more than 400 million households, more than 13 million people on the investigation. Hu Jintao, Vice Premier Li Keqiang before the Radio and Television in Beijing issued a mobilization speech, emphasizing the personal data on the census to be strictly confidential. And proposed that we work together to ensure that census data is true, accurate and complete. Ma Jian Tong National Bureau of Statistics national census in the sixth before the home video mobilization meeting on the registration requirements of census personnel to independently exercise their household survey, census survey will have to provide the necessary information on time and accurately and shall not refuse or obstruct the entry household registration.