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A rich harvest of red blue and white Ambassador Jay porcelain gifts

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Recently, the highest grossing Chinese music singer Jay Chou in Zhengzhou, Henan Provincial Sports Centre, 2010 "Super Time" concert. Before the end of the concert, the organizers of traffic radio station in Henan Province Jay presented to the Ambassador of the rich gifts of red high-level Temperature red glaze ceramic art treasures "world radius." Have this gift, Jay is very happy at the same time, his "world radius" is appreciated for me. Jay Chou in 2010 into the first decade of pop music, singing in Zhengzhou concert portrait of the "lovely woman", "East Wind Breaks", "Qi Li Xiang", "Rainbow," "XINGQING", "Blue and White Porcelain" "Hair Like Snow" and other songs in different periods. Among them, Jay sang the "Blue and White Porcelain" implied wealth of emotions and red ceramic gifts Ambassador "world radius" of the broad spirit of the national culture fit, form, or whether the concert scene is shocking reveals subversion of the past audio and visual effects. It is reported that rich red of the treasures have been a number of Chinese pop music singer collection. Such as the September 12, 2009 held in Zhengzhou, "Everlasting Love" concert will Tsai, August 12, 2010, held in Shenyang City, "the 20 year" concerts on Na Ying.