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Greedy thieves use stolen gift cards shopping is the owner "sit back and wait"

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Wallet was stolen in the bus, Chengdu people have not chosen to give up Mr. Yang, but decided to go to the supermarket door "extended stay" catch the thief: the thief is likely due to use their own "gift card." November 30, the reporter learned from the Jinniu District Procuratorate, the "greedy" the thief really was the owner, "sit back and wait," according to the law by prosecutors approved the arrest. According to reports, this year Sept. 26 at noon 14 am, 116 people take the bus Mr. Yang, in river water UESTC stop to work, he found the wallet missing pants package. This can be very anxious Yang, 200 per bag in addition to cash, wage cards, there are credit cards, identity cards and 4,000 yuan worth a total of four Wal-Mart gift card National Chiao Tung University. What is worrying is that their gift cards there is no password, do not report the loss, not anonymous, that is free to credit card spending, not to mention bank card and ID card together, it is easy for thieves to provide convenience. According to Mr. Yang recalled, and concluded that when the wallet should be stolen in the bus was in the bus when a middle-aged men sat around, feeling his abnormal behavior and eye comparison, they would pay more attention to the look, appearance profile in mind. So secretly resolved to find some way to catch the thief. Yang immediately went to Wal-Mart stores Chiao Tung University, wants to freeze his shop yesterday to buy the gift cards, and the months of waiting in the supermarket exit. Sure enough, about almost an hour, Yang saw a middle-aged man came out from the cashier, the person sitting in the bus is just the people around him, Mr. Yang, shouting, "Stop" to recover the past. Middle-aged man who can see things brought to light in a hurry to escape. Ultimately, Mr. Yang and the security came to the door in Jiaxing Mao Plaza, the middle-aged man caught. After investigation, the middle-aged man named Liu Lin, 41, Chengdu, unemployed, was convicted of theft several times. Day, while sitting beside the suspect is not prepared when the victims of Yang, his pants stolen wallet package. Succeed, Liu Mr. Lin Jiangyang of ID cards, bank cards, credit cards, wallets and other items dropped to the curb, and go to the supermarket Luwoerma Jinniu National Chiao Tung University, with Theft of cash gift cards purchased in the supermarket for a Nokia mobile phone Department and some daily necessities, spending 1,500 yuan after Danghuo. Yang losses worth about 4,200 yuan. Recently, Liu Lin on suspicion of theft by Taurus Procuratorate approved the arrests.