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Best holiday gift given away-day price sensitive digital photo frame DPF108

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Mortimer Digital Photo Frame DPF108 design beautiful, feature-rich audio and video can be used as decorative fashion home environment, but also close friends and family to give gifts, let them share your photos a year of happy moments. At the same time, it is a good business gift choice because the boot frame ad with the development features strengthen the company brand awareness, both functional and upscale. In the upcoming Christmas and New Year's Day, DPF108 will be your best gift. The product is a small range of prices, as long as 669 yuan can buy, and interested friends can look at. Appearance, DPF108M digital photo frame with white ultra-thin shell, work fashion, fine, looks nice. At the same time, it sets the wall hanging design, so that means more like display can be used as home furnishings, guests walked into the owner's happy to share the screen; also be placed in the office, busy life, relive those sweet moments, adjusting mood, give yourself more power. Hardware, DPF108M 10.2-inch Digital Photo Frame with 16:9 LED LCD screen, resolution 800 * 480, support for pictures, music and video file playback, realistic-looking images. The picture frame supports JPEG format, maximum picture resolution up to 8000x8000, with color, black and white, sepia effect of the three shows, and supports image rotation, zoom and support for splitting / Venetian / Box / progressive / silk / stripe / scroll / slide transform random transform, and other effects; support for single, four pictures, three pictures of three slide mode, equipped with remote control operation, so watch feel more comfortable. DPF108M digital photo frame is also equipped with 3.5mm audio output port, supports MP3, WMA, WAV music file playback, the user can listen to music while watching the picture side. At the same time, this frame also supports Mpeg1, Mpeg2, Mpeg4, DIVx4, DIVx5, H.263, 3GP format video file playback, audio-visual equipment as small family, into the bedroom to watch movies. Edit Comment: In addition to pictures, audio and other functions, DPF108M digital photo frame also supports clock, calendar, custom boot screen and other functions, close the user's daily life. At the same time, DPF108M packaged, the product grade, 10-inch large screen allows you gifts "great face", the current price of small magnitude, the more value, interested friends can go to the following businesses to buy advice. 【Product Model】 Mortimer DPF108 【Price】 669 yuan reference Recommended Business】 【New Huaqiang Electronic World, Shenzhen H4C006 【Telephone】 0755-82532132