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Common sense of give sb a present: How to choose appropriate gift for baby [49]

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The toy is the ” of “ good friend that accompanies baby to grow, they not only can bring joy to baby, return the imagination that can arouse baby, the intelligence that can advance baby more develops. Nevertheless, want to choose appropriate gift for baby, have knowledge greatly among them, mammy people how should choose for baby?

The toy that the baby of different age suits

0-3 month:

Baby likes active, can sound

Toy, had better be baby is lying to be able to see it is moved, can hear it to give out wonderful audio toy.

3-6 month:

Baby can catch a thing, like the toy that can be licked and can handhold.

6-9 month:

Baby can sit, can use both hands freely, can beat the toy that can sound to suit the baby of this period very much so. Can climb when baby, can boil to play or pushing the toy that play to suit more.

9-12 month:

Baby can imitate adult, cooperate to go up the metre of song will be clap, jolty the body, the baby of this moment likes to be able to use the toy of the finger.

12-18 month:

Baby likes to be able to put in the toy that can take again, the toy that is like appearance of box of building blocks, appearance, phone is baby love most.

18-24 month:

Baby likes can mobile toy, toy of the book that be like cloth, small go-cart, music, baby likes very much.

24-36 month:

Baby likes the toy of beneficial wisdom type, if go all out,insert toy, a string of beads child, spell the toy such as the graph to suit very much.

Give baby choice toy 10 points

1. safety is the most important, the toy that has keen needle dot and edges and corners should avoid to choose.

2. should avoid to have the toy of small part to 3 years old of the following baby, lest devour hind plug is guttural. Additional, do not give the article with too little baby to play, lest baby is fed by accident or a place of strategic importance enters nostril, ear inside.

3. takes stringy toy, the rope is long unfavorable more than 30 centimeters, lest baby produces the risk with cervical curb carelessly when play.

If 4. buys coloured toy, must notice paint does not have lead, lest baby is licked,eat and toxic. The lacquer lead content of the toy must under 0.06% .

Service instruction is read in detail before 5. buys a toy, whether does the attention have the age to restrict on the specification, should buy the toy with baby age conform to.

6. should buy the toy that normal manufacturer produces, reject to choose “ the 3 toys that do not have ” product.

7. does not buy the toy that uses thin plastic make it, this kind of toy is broken easily, the brim is hurting baby easily.

Toy of 8. wool cloth with soft nap is when the choose and buy, whether is the wool that foretaste tries a toy pulled gently can fall off, whether is the fittings such as the eye stuck firmly etc.
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