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New Zealand custom and contraindication

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Consuetudinary and no-no

In New Zealand, maori still is withholding strong tradition consuetudinary. They mostly believe in is primitive polytheistic, still believe the soul is eternal, honour Feng Zuxian's demon. Every encounter major activity, they as usual should be done in the river pray, and sprinkle water each other even, express the chasteness on ritual with this, they have a kind of traditional courtesy: When encountering exalted guest, they want a “ to touch nose ceremony ” , namely both sides wants nose tip of nose pointed magnetism 23 times, part company again next leave. Allegedly, according to its custom, touch the time train in excess specified length of nose, explain courteous reception is taller, more welcome. Take a picture to others, give Maori especially, must ask for beforehand agree.

The New Zealander meets and leave to all salute, handclasp means of the habit is close close handclasp, the look is contacted directly, the man should await a woman to extend a hand to come first. Bow and holding his head high also is their general ceremony. The first time meet, the person with identical identity is mutual appellation surname, add Mr “ ” , Miss “ ” to wait, after be familiar with, breathe out continuously each other its name.

Time idea is stronger, appointment must decide beforehand, punctual go to an appointment. The guest can shift to an earlier date a few minutes to arrive, in order to show pair of master respect. Chat to wait with climate, athletic sports, domestic and international politics, travel for the topic, avoid refer individual private affairs, religion, phyletic wait for a problem. Receive a visitor to undertake in the office commonly. Sojourn in New Zealander home on invitation, can send male host a chocolate or a bottle of whisky, give goodwife a bundle of flower. The gift cannot pass much, cannot costly.

Local major dweller is English descendant, accordingly, what circulate here is the body sign language of a lot of Englishmans and signal movement is consuetudinary. They are right loud and rip-roaring with beyond the mark ground mincing express dissatisfaction. Chew chewing gum in public or be considered as uncivilized behavior with toothpick. The New Zealander uses the have dinner means of European mainland type, that is from beginning to end left hand grasps fork, the right hand takes a knife.

Life rhythm of the New Zealander is slower, people life is more carefree. The person that open market and rich commodity give different estate with very big choice leeway, but will tell from total consumption level, what the New Zealander pursues goods is high-grade change, famous brand of shopping incline to, stylish.

New Zealander disposition is overcautious, although watch the movie, also often field of cent of male and female is watched. To wine kind limitation is very severe, via the cafeteria of wine of concessionary carry out, also can make work only bishop, can make work the cafeteria of spirited wine, the guest must buy prandial, just allow drink a cup. But beer sale is quite big, rank the world the 5th, want every year on average to drink 110 liter beer each.
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