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The recipe of give sb a present reachs the contraindication that ought to avoid

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Give gift to should consider particular situation and circumstance. Be in commonly when going to personal home banquet, answer to take some of little gift for goodwife, wait like bouquet, fruit, local speciality. Have a child, can send toy, candy. Attend wedding on invitation, outside dividing artistic adornment, still can present bouquet and practical article, when New Year, christmas, can send calendar, wine, tea, candied, smoke to wait commonly.

Hold the opportunity of give sb a present and kind

The gift should be given face to face commonly. But attend wedding sometimes, also can send beforehand. Ceremony congratulate festival, give year of gift, can send a person to send come or mail. Should follow the calling card of person of gift attach give sb a present at this moment, also but handwritten congratulations, install in sizable envelope, the full name of person getting a gift is made clear on the envelope, stick in gift

The upper part of the skin that pack. Normally the circumstance falls, it is improper that the some individual that gives a flock of philtrum only in public gives a gift. Because suffer ceremony person to be able to have,get fooled move, and the person that can make did not get a gift has suffer desolate and get disparaging move. To the relation close person give sb a present also shoulds not be undertake in open circumstance, leave you in order to avoid to the public the relation is close and complete it is the feeling that the thing that relies on material props up. Have the special present with ceremony light heavy ties of friendship only, convey special affective gift, just give before a public occasion aptly. Because at this moment the witness that the public already turned you into true friendship. Wait like a special souvenir.

The manner is affable, one's words is not broken

Should notice manner, movement and language are conveyed when give sb a present. The movement of gentle and affable, natural and graceful accompanies the language of civilized section sex to convey, just suffer a ceremony to just be happy to accept. Of the sort of type that become an enemy leave gift park desk stealthily or room the practice of a certain corner, not only the purpose that short of presents, just can get its to turn over even. In our country general customarily, oneself always are met when give sb a present say “ Bao Li beyond the mark and modestly! Bao Li! ", " has " of a bit mere trifle or " only very I am sorry ……"This kind of practice had better avoid. Of course, if be in,a kind of approximately proud snout when giving says: "This is very precious thing! "Improper also. When the gift that gives to place undertakes introductory, what should emphasize is the good impression that he give one party place to have to sufferring and ties of friendship, is not the actual value that stresses a gift, otherwise, fall into weigh a ceremony and light justice degree, can make the other side has a kind of sense that accepts bribery even.
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