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Ceremony " because of packing beauty

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The official gift of the White House uses white or aureate tinsel paper is formal and pack refinedly, with “ great seal ” is decorated on paper, grave and elegant. All over the world, the government that has a lot of states sets ” of ministry of “ gift package, as the country ceremony missive gift must be passed elegant and decent pack, show the respect of pair of person that get a gift with this.

Affection of gift package ·

Colleague marriage sends a portion gift, friend birthday sends a cake, send bundle of flower to the lover, person of give sb a present dresses up gift richly decorous, make its thunder-and-lightning, affection warmth. At this moment the wrap up that pack is worn happy, sweetness and blessing, became the bridge that people affection communicates. Affection, in the be pregnant with in packing.

Culture of gift package ·

Be in Euramerican, the packing cost that spends 10 dollars laps a value the example common occurance of the commodity of one dollar. Ground of people rack one's brains gets the design that pack decorous and free from vulgarity, in order to borrow machine the culture grade of project oneself. A kind have culture grade pack what showed gift itself not only beautiful qualitative, and the glamour of the connotation that increased gift afford for thought, refreshing. Pack like what have Chinese amorous feelings, the concentration that is Chinese tradition culture is reflected, get foreign friend and business affairs public figure greatly love. The design with the showily and qualitative, elegant material of nature of festival and lucky colour, of primitive simplicity, conveying the culture feelings of people countless ties.
Gift package · is fashionable

The since that pack a kind of art, a kind of indicative popularity is fashionable.

Popular gift package form is renovating in pattern: Be full of Promethean individuation to pack the heat that will become popularity. Gorgeous improve the compound quality that does not show with your person to the pure color of acme predominate colour; Material qualitative admiral with of primitive simplicity the natural material with pure and fresh, distinctive feel is given priority to, the careless rope of an a piece of coarse careless grain paper, of primitive simplicity will become the leading role that pack; Favor no longer on design presswork clearly the effect, stress the aesthetic feeling that the natural grain place of paper itself highlights morely however; Lacy choose more the white that does not have color tendency, aureate, argent deserve to go up gentle white gauze, optional ground is in lacy on the initial of own name on mark serves as adornment; The tendency on modelling is barpque and reasonable design. Fashionable and beautiful gift package, satisfying business affairs personage to be opposite the psychological demand of delicate life, at the same time ecbolic the packing commerce of Beijing.
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