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Choose gift of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals 4 principles

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When choosing the gift that gives a foreign country friend, must scrupulously abide by on guiding ideology commonly the following 4 basic principles:

One of, want to highlight the commemorative sex of gift. In association of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, give sb a present still should pay attention to “ ceremony light affection to weigh ” . Because be in a lot of countries, often promote give too precious gift. Conversely, the person that probable meeting lets get a gift produces bribery move.

Secondly, want to reflect the nationality of gift. The Chinese's common kite, a two-stinted bowed instrument with a lower register than Jingo, dizi, paper-cut, chopstick, seal, painting and calligraphy, tea, once arrived in foreigner hand, often can suffer favour fully, social status times add.

Thirdly, want to make clear the specific aim of gift. Because of the person different wants when choosing gift, on business and different. When choosing gift, the nature that should know person getting a gift adequately without fail, hobby, accomplishment and grade, make gift is gotten the reception of ceremony person as far as possible. In addition, return Lv of take an examination to arrive to fall in different circumstance, the gift that gives to place of person getting a gift ought to differ somewhat. For instance, in state activity, appropriate gives flower, artwork to state guest. When attending a banquet, appropriate gives flower, local speciality and handicraft to goodwife, or it is the child to host gives candied, toy to wait a moment.

Its 4, want to take the otherness of gift seriously. Give gift to foreign friend, it is absolutely cannot have those who be contrary to to be used to at the custom of the other side. Want to had solved this one problem, be about to understand person getting a gift to be in custom habit of the country. When choosing gift, active and evasive the other side may exist with gift breed, design, appearance, amount, pack wait for the contraindication that concern.