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Nurse shoe

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  • Appear on the market time: 2008-10-23
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Do not have a picture Product brief introduction: Product unit price: 128 yuan
Trade price case: 48 yuan
Category: Nurse shoe
Brand series: Beijing careless annulus is careless art taste a factory
Business family letter ceases
Beijing ceremony connects trade of division of the four seas to develop limited company to seek advice sell the home: Member level: Company insider contact: Mr Chen contacts a phone: 010-87750884

Market price: 128 yuan
The ceremony opens price: 48 yuan
Unit: 2 pairs / box
Number: BJCX009
Sandals of craft health care, it is the local special local product that civilian handiwork makes meticulously, in me the ground has long history, of long standing and well established, celebrated China and foreign countries. This factory absorbs folk-custom tradition craft, design of sandals of development of get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh is various, have the grass that pull phenanthrene, Lang Ya grass, inferior skin of careless, Lin Cao, Pu Cao, corn, wheat straw 1000 reach ginkgo leaf, cotton embroidery of careless, knitting, China writtens guarantee art wait for compound sandals. The product sells as far as to countrywide each district and exit inferior, the country such as blame, Europe, favor by global broad consumer. Sandals is had prevent a foot smelly, prevent the medical treatment effect such as exhaustion of n/med beriberi, invigorate the circulation of blood, it is natural environmental protection and sanitarian articles for daily use. The green that returns to nature to you is enjoyed.

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