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The principle of give sb a present of different country

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In association of international business affairs, courtesy demands reciprocity is to build human relationship, extend the one part with indispensable scope of business. Accordingly, know the habit of give sb a present of each country, the regulation that masters good give sb a present and duration are very important.

The United States likes peculiar thing

American basically is paid attention to to gift practical with peculiar sex. If can send a few little present that have distinctive style or ethical distinguishing feature, american is met very welcome. For example, the tomb figure of copy military forces that our country produces, be in the United States is a kind of god-given gift in popular feeling. In addition, black paper is not used when the gift that pack, because black is in American eye,be ominous color. In the meantime, should notice to give a gift to should chat in the business when ending.

England does not receive precious present

When giving an Englishman give sb a present, if gift value is very high, meet by mistake it is a kind of bribery. Send 9 bottles of a few advanced chocolate, renown wine or flower, can get the jubilation of the person that get a gift. But want to notice, had better not send imprint the present that has company number.

France and artistic cent do not leave

The French advocates artistic, accordingly, what send gift to had better contain a few artistic quality, be like distinctive archaize gift, they can like very much. If arrive on invitation in French home have dinner, should take on a few flowers that do not add bundle up, but chrysanthemum must except.

Germany does not love acerb gift

German very those who notice a gift pack, gift do not use white, black or brown wrapping paper or lacy wrap up. Additional, do not send acerb thing, because German inspect its to be bodeful.

Japan abstains from 4 with 9

Give Japanese give sb a present, do not send 4 appearance or 9 type thing, die with “ in Japanese because of “4” word ” homophonic, and “9” suffers from ” word homophonic with “ . Japanese likes name brand, but feel disgusted very much to decorating the thing of fox and badger. They think, the fox is symbolize greedily, badger criterion delegate is crafty.

Russia loves western famous brand only

Send gift to want to send name tagvisiting card only, especially western name brand, no matter the discretion of gift value, obtain their good opinion easily. From a “ cigarette of ” of road of 10 thousand treasure arrives jeans of card of a LEVIS is met make them well-content.

African country is paid attention to practical

African country is not quite exquisite to the value of gift, but those who take gift seriously is practical, unfavorable send high-grade gift.

Arabia country is loving and simple

Elegant and luxuriant gift, than insipid and simple gift more get loving; Have “ name the thing of ” , than anonymous antique more be liked; Intellective toy and handicraft, than pure and practical thing more be favored. But all sorts of wine kind, the gift that includes those depicting to have animal pattern is undesirable.
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