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Receive a present formal---Both hands has received present

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1. The person that get a gift is praising and next present receive in complimentary sound, thanks. Should praise commonly the delicate, grace of gift or practical, complimentary of the person that give a gift considerate and meticulous, accompany the decline that has acknowledgment (be used to by Chinese tradition, it is the demit) that accompanies the acknowledgment that has courteous attitude.

2. Both hands has received present. Look particular situation or tear open look or see outer packing only, still can accompany what give ceremony person to introduce gift function, characteristic, use method to wait please invite, in order to show pair of gift love.

3. Gift of sex of bribery of if it were not for, general had better not rejection, that meeting very refute gives person of give sb a present outer part. Can seeking opportunity send a present in return is.