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It what give sb a present sends to the leader is good that what give sb a presen

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5 action teach you to send pair of ceremonies to boss

Did not work to serve as matting with emotive communication at ordinary times, a gift of subordinate is gotten suddenly when celebrating a festival, more or less can the leader feel some are abrupt, as to it think of whether you have other facet idea is not strange also to think of whether you have other facet idea.

The feeling that give sb a present regards him expression as, deepen a kind of means with the communication between others and communication, crucial is the each other on meaning of a kind of feeling is connected blend, as to gift weight, why to plant the form is not important, the key is the intention that can express his good. When giving boss give sb a present, notice to be in even the job of the coming year, before oneself are working the respect such as medium inadequacy communicates to it, deepened feeling not only so, and still be oneself the effort henceforth direction was offerred draw lessons from and consult. Actually even if your gift is not precious, but the true care that you conveyed pair of companies and leader individual, so you can leave good impression to the other side certainly.

How the problem of give sb a present does not have formulary ” as running the “ government that says on a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties same, do not have absolutely secure a road, can draw lessons from only, do not imitate. Can hold the following principles roughly:

The first, the don't bother to see me out with unidentified purpose, it is for contact feeling, thanks or issue year of raises to be waited a moment into duty, must make clear.

The 2nd, it is good that gift content had better cast its place, letting boss see you spent idea, is not to carry muddle through one's work of a few packets of mug-up casually. Be in at ordinary times in communicating, knew to lead the be fond of in some respect, it is good to can cast its place, send a few little gift. Also can send oneself to like, share jointly with the leader. Having a few present is more general, the dot that for instance oneself make meticulously, if card, calligraphy and painting is waited a moment. It is the most important to deepen feeling is the intention that lets the other side feel you, the thing that spent idea lets a person the most easily touch. Actually, deepening feeling and flattery is two different matters, it why should denounce boss is good to why should denounce boss, be to deepen feeling? This sensation that becomes you is true and good, it is peripheral “ flattery ” no longer, deepen ” feeling in “ however.

The 3rd, gift does not want too precious. Ceremony light affection is heavy, the gift that that is to say sends to deepen feeling, be absent gift value, and in this friendly feelings.

The 4th, the time of give sb a present with proper choice and circumstance, this is crucial. Show when you on when the gift, ten million notices not to let oneself and those present feel embarrassed. Before early morning goes to work or after coming off work afternoon not much when the person notices, put the gift on boss desk more reliable, avoid to let those people that do not consider boss give sb a present feel uncomfortable.
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