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Business affairs gift gives 4 established practice

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Since business affairs give sb a present is an art, have the rule of its established by usage oneself, who to send, what to send, how to send have secret very much, cannot send foolishly absolutely, send why, excessive sends. According to at all times and in all over the world the experience of give sb a present of a few successes is mixed unsuccessful lesson, we should notice at least undermentioned principle:

1, gift weight is proper

Tell commonly, the gift is too light, the meaning is not big, let person misunderstanding very easily be look down upon him, do not calculate close person to the relation especially, more such, and if the ceremony is too light and the thing difficulty that wants to beg others to do is greater, successful likelihood is almost 0. But, the gift is too precious, the person that can make accept a present again has bribery ill will, should notice more to ranking, colleague especially. Gain extra advantage unfairly besides certain love besides the person with especially big courage, general person is politelied decline probably, or although close, also can pay, otherwise in the future sure try requital, be to force a family to consume so? If rejection of the other side, your money already was spent piece, leaving no use, can give birth to a lot of trouble, often say like common people: “ spends money to look for a blame to suffer ” , why bother. Accordingly, the light heavy choice of the gift with the other side can happy accept for measure, strive for achieve little beautiful fund, handle affairs more; Floriferous money does a good deed.

2, interval of give sb a present is appropriate

The time-interval of give sb a present also has very much exquisite, cross frequency too numerous or interval is too long improper. Giver may be well-off, or appeal the heart is cut, wrap packet ground to send greatly constantly come to go, somebody feels so easy, can earn the good impression of others certainly, think carefully rise, actually otherwise. Because of you with sex of such purpose of frequency give sb a present too strong. Additional, courtesy demands reciprocity, the family still must return affection at you. Generally speaking, in order to choose give sb a present of main festival, festival, birthday birth advisable, the both neither of give sb a present appears abrupt empty is covered, those who get a gift closing also feel at ease and justified, make the best of both worlds.

3, understanding custom is no-no

The identity that person getting a gift should know before give sb a present, hobby, nation is used to, lest give sb a present delivers a trouble. The individual goes to a hospital seeing a patient, take a bag of apple to express sympathy and solicitude for in order to show, which know derivative troublesome, happen to that patient is Shanghai person, shanghai person calls “ apple ” to die of illness with “ 2 words of ” articulate identical. Sending an apple is not cuss other people die of illness, because person of give sb a present does not understand a situation, do so that part on bad terms. In view of this, when give sb a present, must consider to help somebody attain his aim, lest new problems crop up unexpectedly. For example, do not send a handleless cup, because of “ bell ” and “ eventually ” homophonic, let a person feel ominous; To the intellectual with tall artistic appreciation you send an of a kind painting and calligraphy very feel snubbed; Send the figure that has a pig to make the gift that decorates design to the Islamite, may let a person with a bang come out.
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