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Knowledge of give sb a present

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“ courtesy demands reciprocity, go to and do not come, incivility also. ”---" The Book of Rites. On Qu Li "

Be in early year period, our country advocates formal, come thousands of years, had formed a kind of culture. As the elapse of time, regard the material of this kind of article as core---Gift also is in the change of change quickly. Different time, different historical setting, gift also each are not identical.

Giving gift is an art, choose give sb a present to taste need to consider the following aspects:

1, purpose of give sb a present

Give sb a present has everybody stated purpose, friend give sb a present is to deepen friendship, it is promotional that parents gives the child give sb a present close affection, the husband gives a wife give sb a present is sublimate love. The employee gives a leader give sb a present is to deepen personal relationship. Accordingly, purpose of different give sb a present decides to buy different gift.

2, object of give sb a present

Be aimed at different disposition, different position and positional person, place give sb a present is tasted also each are not identical. The person with a very strong enterprise, in birthday or festival day, if can send some contain " to exhibit success immediately upon arrival of letter attempt " , " greatly the gift of the meaning of " , he is met surely be perfectly satisfied. Junior gives elder give sb a present, should choose health care, nourishing kind gift is advisable. Object of give sb a present is a businessman, you must send some of " exchequer wide the gift of the indicative import that allows grand " into business of " , " .

3, season of give sb a present

"Nature of " of on festive occasions more than ever we think of our dear ones far away. can let you think of to reunite with the family member, might as well at this moment serve a few lucky, reuniting thing; 61 Children's Festivals, adult can rely on to consider to send some of toy, study the gift of stationery and so on to the child, this also is promotional close affection, encourage a kind of aspirant method. Accordingly, different time, give gift to will convey different feeling.

4, environment of give sb a present

"Lan Zhou is urged hair, hold hand photograph sees tearful eyes " is the lover's parting artistic conception, if send,go up adorn taste gift of and so on to be able to convey a lover more between unbroken the real situation. One of the train long cry, be the same as 4 years

Window, now goes straight towards skyline each, keep an autograph book to dear stable-companion or elegant phone is thin, will be affection deep desire grows. Different environment, need different gift to express intention.

5, custom habit

The Valentine's Day sends a rose, love regards as in China, and in Western Europe a few countries consider as corrupt public morals. Be in China, person of the Han nationality has some of place Spring Festival to like to send pork kind food, this is stigmatize ancestor in the country with the Hui nationality or Mohammedan belief is indicative.
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