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How does each other give Euramerican country the gift

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European country concerns in both sides only commonly each other of the ability after establish gives a gift. Giving a gift is the ability when this association ends soon undertakes normally, the kind that expresses at the same time wants just right.

A bottle of advanced chocolate, particularly good wine is in Europe also is very good gift. The flower should send before visitting (the flower should send one day ahead of schedule, so that host decorates the flower good) . And the flower that should send singular number, at the same time attach calling card of a piece of manuscript, do not use commercial calling card.

England: Answer to avoid emotive to appear as far as possible here. Accordingly, should send lighter gift, because cost,won't not be to be a kind of bribery by mistake more. Opportunity of convenient give sb a present should be decided in the late evening, ask a person to give out in classy restaurant after dinner or theater watch show. The Englishman is European like other great majority also like wine of advanced chocolate, name and flower euqally. To acting the role of the present that guest place belongs to a company to label, their great majority is not admired, unless host is right,beforehand of this kind of gift has careful consideration.

France: The first time when getting acquainted with a French with respect to give sb a present it is very impertinent, should when when meeting next time. Gift should convey those who give the wisdom to him to praise, but do not appear too close. The French is very romantic, like the gift of intellectual sex, artistic quality, wait like a miniature reproduction of a painting, artistic album or small handicraft. Arrive on invitation in French home when have dinner, should take on a few flowers that do not add bundle up. But chrysanthemum cannot be given casually, just just use chrysanthemum on funeral in France.

Germany: “ courtesy is crucial ” , this presents reason of gift should notice wholeheartedly appropriately, pack more should to the queen's taste. The rose prepares for the lover, cannot give customer absolutely. German like on invitation outing, but host must have made meticulous and careful arrangement before set out.

The United States: American is very exquisite and practical, reason a bottle of superior bishop or spirited wine, a decorous famous brand gift, spend fine night in all in the city together, it is appropriate. Like other Europe country, when answering to end in this association to American give sb a present.

Latin america country: Black and violet it is the color that abstain from, these two kinds of color make the person associates Lenten. Sword should eliminate to be besides gift, because they allude the be over of friendship. The handkerchief also cannot serve as gift, because it and tear are connection,be together. Can send some of small-sized electric home appliances Previous12 Next