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Common sense of business affairs give sb a present

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In current commercial general affairs, give gift to having quite serious effect. According to statistic, in activity of American business affairs, what give gift every year more than 100 million, total amount amounts to 4 billion dollar.

Commercial gift, of American person for special type advertisement, it is the brand of advertisement sales promotion, transmission, the directest advertisement that establishs company image. Appropriate gift expressed intention already, let the other side accept advertisement not self-consciously again, achieve conduct propaganda or sales promotion result, make many businessmen favor really. Generally speaking, commercial gift cent is 4 kinds: Conference gift, public relations gift, sales promotion gift, with celebration gift. Such differentiating, covered the purpose of all gift and form almost, run in commerce to the enterprise there is profit greatly in the process.

“ ceremony ” walks along the world

We live in an environment that tells “ ceremony ” , if you do not tell “ ceremony ” , can not move a step namely simply, by the person disgustful. Ask for help wants give sb a present, contact relation wants give sb a present, “ does not blame ” with much person of ceremony of ” of formal attire person, “ , this is old Chinese maxim, it is in today still very practical.
Investigation and study points out, japanese product makes American market successfully, among them the little gift that the secrettest weapon is Japanese. In other words, japanese opens American market with little gift, little gift had inestimable effect in business affairs intercourse.
Nowadays commodity society, “ benefit ” and “ ceremony ” are together repeatedly, often be “ benefit ” , “ ceremony ” relevant, first ” of benefit of the “ after “ ceremony ” , “ ceremony ” just has “ benefit ” , this had become the general regulation of business affairs intercourse. In this respect truth not difficult, go up hard hard in the operation, the kongfu of your give sb a present is excellent, whether accomplish both neither to show hill dew, can hit moving heart again. This is the key of business affairs give sb a present.