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Public relations give sb a present tastes unique skill

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Give sb a present most headaching thing, the other side of nothing is more... than does not wish to accept or severe decline refuses, or gentle words is declined, or recompense of after the event, make giver very awkward, compensate the madam is folded again arms, really enough miserable. So, how is ability prevented suffer from Yu Ran, in sending? The key is searching well at excuse, the say of give sb a present is round, your intelligence an wisdom should be multi-purpose in this respect.
Give sb a present has the following method normally:

1, borrow sth to make a gift of it
If you send local speciality to taste, take along sth to sb of native place bearer comes to can say, cent some taste have a taste of what is just in season to the other side, the thing is not much, oneself did not spend money again, do not buy designedly. Ask him to close, the person that get a gift generally speaking the sort of because fear the refus ceremony state of mind with your purpose too strong sex, be expected to alleviate, can receive next your presents.

2, do one thing under cover of another
If you send, is wine a kind thing, might as well make use of says is others sends you two bottles of wine, will drink to drink in all with the other side, a bottle such drinking that send a bottle, the ceremony sent, the relation is close also, still do not show a trace, bad.

3, lend Ma Yin the road
Sometimes you think give sb a present gives a person and the other side however with you 8 bamboo pole are not pulled on relation, you might as well those who choose giver is unripe absurd marriage day, invite on a few acquaintance to go together congratulation of give sb a present, the person that get a gift in that way bad rejection, when after the event knows those who go out to this idea is you, change the view to you necessarily, everybody's force achieves have the aid of the purpose of friendship of couplet of give sb a present, solid for the best thing to do.

4, graft one twig on another
Mr Zhang is occupied should hold Mr Liu in the palm to do, want to send bit of gift dredge, be afraid that Mr Liu refuses again, refute oneself face. The girlfriend of the madam of Mr Xiaozhang and Mr Liu is very ripe, mr Zhang used madam diplomacy, let a madam taking a gift to visit, with one action is successful, the ceremony also closed, the thing also did, make the best of both worlds, look hit out directly sometimes receive strange effect as circuitous carry kinetic energy.

5, saying first is to borrow
If you send is content, might as well say, my home put down wears this stuff also is put down is worn, let his go off with be used first, bought in the future return again; If send, is money, can say to take some spend first, had later return again, want you to be not being urged only want him to return, everlasting also became sent, also can reduce the psychological load of the person that get a gift so, the purpose of your give sb a present was achieved.
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