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Morning green evening is red the character of gem of green of rare treasures gol

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Chrysoberyl, english is CHRYSOBERYL, originate the two words meaning of Greek vocabulary: Aureate GOLDEN and beryl BERYL. It is the oxide BEAL2O4 of aluminium of a kind of Beryllium, hardness is 8. 5, specific gravity is 3.73, have very good tenacity.

Chrysoberyl is a very special member in precious gem. Because this kind of gem is,saying it is special is differ by two kinds of features very far gem----Cat eye and change stone and famed, and general chrysoberyl itself however not very rare, market place sees also not much.

In natural gem, the gem that has cat eye effect has ten to plant, but since ancient times up to now, people still has a special liking to golden green cat eye, say for true cat eye. In the Asia, golden green cat eye still is lucky gas is indicative, people believes to adorn cat eye can make person health is mixed avoid at poverty.

And change stone, in nature all providing become angry in the gem of effect, it is unique likewise. The poet ever used diurnal emerald, the ruby in the evening comes first recognition it becomes angry peculiarly effect.

Change stone calls Alexander stone again, its name ALEXANDRITE is with czar Alexander the name of 2 worlds names. Have a literary quotation about this one name. Fokelore is in 1832, a flock of workers that ask calorie of tile to add TOKAWAJA emerald mine to work in black Er mountain range, the gem that discovery has a few to resemble emerald has become angry peculiarly phenomenon, green is shown below sunshine by day, show red below candle power in the evening, then they respectfully present czar government, just meet right now czar day of 2 worlds year after year, this kind of gem name Alexander stone. The mineralogical home of our country has according to it become angry effect and metaphrase is change stone.

Change the reason that stone becomes angry from change the absorption of stone can find an explanation in spectrum. Partial chrysoberyl has alternative absorption to light phenomenon, absorb orange - olive light, basically do not absorb to glow and green light. Such the light of wavelengh of the green in sunshine is stronger by day, gem presents green, the light of gules in the evening wavelengh is stronger, gem presents a red below candle power.

Besides Jin Lu cat eye is mixed change outside stone, the general Jin Lushi on the market is shown more olive, have the commercial name of Oriental chrysolite again consequently.

The identifying of gem of cat eye of 1. Jin Lu and evaluation

On the market mix the natural gem of confuse easily to basically have green jade cat eye with photograph of Jin Lu cat eye, aquamarine cat eye, apatite cat eye, quartz cat eye and wood change stone cat eye; Be modelled on to basically be fibre glass cat eye.
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