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The material that how differentiates crystal is qualitative

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The common natural and crystal substitute on the market basically has synthetic crystal and glasswork, introduce respectively now differentiate a method to be as follows:
Synthesis is crystal

Composition and structure and natural crystal are identical, become especially crystal interior is very clean, there is even choose a site for the capital of lab ancient bronze mirror certain difficulty when cannot seeing any features must have the aid of is large instrument. It is very difficult that this kind of circumstance relies on the portable instrument such as naked eye and decuple magnifier only divisional and natural with synthetic crystal. But it is not quite good to also have used means, that is wait for measure crystal to place its are waited for below normal temperature the degree that becomes aware with feel its are icy after temperature is stable. Will tell commonly, natural crystal is cooler, and synthetic crystal or glass have lukewarm sense. But this law accepts weather and environmental impact bigger, not applicable in the winter. And have difference to the feeling of temperature because of the individual, it is an auxiliary appraisal method only so.
But the metropolis in most and natural crystal exists more or less inclusion, it is system of the cotton that travel the daily life of a family says, tuft, cloud and mist, mineral bag, form green ghostliness, of all kinds sends the variety such as brilliant, one clique is vibrant. And synthetic crystal is cleaner, but also can appear sometimes a few features.

Give those who show one of following traits, can be synthetic crystal certainly:

(1) an ash can fall on the vitreous desktop that does not brush for some time, this phenomenon most propbably has seen authority. If the phenomenon of shape of ” of dirt of similar “ desktop sees in crystal interior, there are a lot of very petty grays or white bit dot to distributing along the plane of a plane or a few parallel in crystal of that is to say, and the others of crystal very clean. That basically this synthesizes crystal namely.

(2) there can be a few very fine skies to run account package system sometimes in synthesizing crystal, these empty canals also are basic parallel, can know the face sometimes, also may be directly big directly small, like nail. This also synthesizes crystal ability to have only, the likelihood is the remains of a few flux when synthesis.
(3) natural crystal basically does not have viridescent, perhaps say very infrequent. Wait for breed like brilliant of green ghostliness, green hair, the wrap up body inside is green, but crystal itself is colorless still and transparent. The crystal with a large number of transparent green that appear on the market so, color is basic be processing, and most itself is synthetic crystal.


Very cheap copy is tasted, can have all sorts of color, return sometimes can of make it translucence, relatively good differentiate a few. Give those who show following trait to be able to regard glass:
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