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The coloured glaze that glittering and translucent get rid of appears walks alon

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Belong to the coloured glaze with vitreous artistic crystal, add above paragraphs to convert a mark, namely decay is civil a target that achieves an industry. Garden of lane of home's famous coloured glaze labour, Liu, develop mostly " handicraft " and " collect view and admire " artwork, and the guest group the consumer that the lock decides pyramid top.
Chen Zhenghong of general manager of month of Liu gold spic is brave in to do great dream, lay the concept of activation with coloured glaze art, let originally the coloured glaze of course of high price, artwork, fly to home of common common people, design the articles for daily use such as box of ceremony of moon cake of contented Li cup, coloured glaze, expanded the applied life of coloured glaze, more research and development gives the coloured glaze building materials such as coloured glaze doorknob, find strategy of company blue of great capacity, in market of handicraft of the originality crystal that competes highly, coloured glaze, earn a day.

Practical aesthetic everywhere surprise

In industry of domestic coloured glaze, chen Zhenghong is minority has design, 製 to build at the same time, the talent of marketing experience, in the experience of room of coloured glaze labour, make him experienced with respect to a suit kongfu. After leaving room of coloured glaze labour, he does poineering work by oneself, establish brand of month of Liu gold spic, move toward practical aesthetic, develop commodity of coloured glaze of essay, original. Below this concept, art of confluence of month of Liu gold spic and industrial 製 Cheng at aeriform, besides development the quantity produces work, more the humanitarian spirit that holds a conventional technology concurrently. Chess of his the 2nd pace is to pay attention to " the value of the design " , OEM appoint outside production of division of labor, and with only eucalyptus accepts the order, reduce the pressure of goods in stock, achieve economic factory to do charge and the end that reduce a risk.

The gift market at that time, vitreous art 製 builds 侷 to be restricted to wait in glass, bottle, ashtray, the contented Li cup that development of month of Liu gold spic goes coloured glaze to combine pottery and porcelain, no matter be structure, security, indissolubility,be technical breakthrough, cause gift market 豔 of a Jing. Tighten the box of coloured glaze moon cake that rolls out then, can become the key box, 100 treasure chest, canister that put cash, enchase the small disc on box top, still can become the meat of 緻 of essence of life that puts moon cake dish, box of moon cake ceremony changes his appearance from now on.

The pioneering work of month of Liu gold spic still has the … such as scent-bottle of lever of coloured glaze ball, coloured glaze. Chen Zhenghong makes a brand proper, month of spic of gold letting Liu charges famous bugle call in industry immediately, consumer places on a par garden of this company and room of coloured glaze labour, Liu.
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