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Crystal magical function

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1, crystal character and action:
Crystal can remove fire, absorb electropositive, negative sex, electronegative energy, inspire intelligence of animals, the help is contemplative.
(1) , quick treatment: Crystal itself is love, care the delegate with life energy.
(2) , besides collect value, crystal is put on TV to be able to absorb harmful to human body radius, reduce the pollution that occupy the home.
(3) , put crystal in pocket, hide on the body, absorb the energy all around, the bring down is right the enroach on of the body.
(4) , crystal aesthetic feeling, happy affection raises a gender, reduce anguish, it is to inspire the optimal “ of electric sex to aid ” of predestined relationship body, make the life successful.
2, crystal sort:
(1) , Bai Shuijing: Conduce memory, enlarge potential, be good at body treats a disease, reduce gas surplus, get together gas. In vain crystal a group of things with common features can be purified all around negative sex function, can change geomantic.
(2) , amethyst: The promotion of feeling, wisdom, wide knot popularity, action blessing is blocked evil spirit, the function that improves cerebrum and secrete.
(3) , citrine: Have Wang Zhe's high temperament, advocate get together money, eliminate the memory of mood of fatigue, control, exciting person, the splanchnic health such as classics, bravery, lienal to Baal, pancreas is helpful.
(4) , powdery brilliant: Diaphaneity is poorer, can promote love; Advocate heart, lung, those who breathe an organ is conduce loop, healthy.
(5) , powdery topaz: The crystal of rare, color is subdued, can move a thing to balance crewel development, have the double effect of violet brilliant, Huang Jing.
(6) , Mo Jing: Provide function of alexipharmic, curative effect, function of experienced gas, cure.
(7) , the backbone is crystal: Have purify remedial function formidably.
(8) , smoky quartz, citrine: Represent firm and persistent, belief, advocate the abdomen falls and sexual organs.
(9) , hair brilliant: Brilliant of A, golden hair: Auspicious, lucky, at every turn is satisfactory.
B, Hei Fajing: Be stranded of disappear calamity, solution, carefree.
C, Gong Fajing: Green, jubilate, vigor is abundant.
Brilliant of D, green hair: Happy, lucky, double star announces good news.
(10) , rainbow is crystal: Rainbow shape appears inside crystallization, with the crystal that contains rainbow, more can satisfactory wish.
(11) , golden word is crystal: The wrap up body of crystal and in-house occurrence triangle, be linked together cheek by jowl even layer. Have Rong Hua of large fortune, for generations.
(12) , green ghostliness crystal: The object such as shape of algae, cloud and mist, batt appears in Bai Shuijing, all call ghostliness crystal. Action money, get together money