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Crystal of explanation true and false differentiates a method

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(1) soon: Natural crystal is fashioning a process in, often suffer environmental influence to always contain a few impurity, when observing to the sun, can see light even and petty horizontal grain or catkin shape matter. And false crystal uses incomplete more second fusion of crystal broken bits, glass broken bits, the course burnishs chromatic and treatment, imitated and into, without substance of form of even stripe, catkin.
(2) tongue licks:

(3) illumination: Natural and crystal vertical stroke is put below sun's rays, no matter angle sees it from which, can give off beautiful glorious. False crystal criterion cannot.

(4) hardness: Natural and crystal hardness is big, be in with clastic rock adorn article on gently below equalize, won't leave a mark; If stay,have striation, it is false crystal.

(5) uses polarizing lens examination: Be in polarizing the roll below lens 360 degrees of Yousiming of 4 dark change is natural crystal, doing not have vicissitudinous is false crystal.

(6) uses 2 kinds of examinations: Natural amethyst has 2 kinds of sexes, false crystal does not have 2 kinds of sexes.

(7) uses magnifier examination: The examination falls in transmission light with decuple magnifier, what can find bleb is basically OK it is false crystal surely.

(8) uses hair silk examination: Put crystal on silk of a hair, person eye can see in the end send a double picture through crystal, it is natural crystal, because crystal has birefraction,basically be.

(9) detects with thermal conductivity appearance: Adjust thermal conductivity appearance to green 4 case check gem, natural crystal can rise to yellow 2 case, and false crystal does not rise, rise to yellow when the area is big one case.

Natural with artificial synthesis crystal is differentiated

Distinguishing natural crystal and synthetic crystal to still have a feature is crystal burnish, natural crystal is acted the role of taste the surface to present grease burnish, but those who synthesize crystal act the role ofing to taste a watch to appear is vitreous burnish, the synthesis that has not seen burnish of fat having Shan is crystal.

The characteristic with synthetic the biggest crystal has namely child brilliant nucleus. If synthetic crystal has nucleus to because brilliant is mixed,compare good judgement it is commonly achromatic long board columnar, with all round synthetic brilliant dividing line is clear. But on latter market a few colorless synthesis are crystal, because nucleus and synthesis are colorless, together with has a few in nucleus the natural feature that include system or a few bleb between nucleus and synthetic brilliant, make a few people that have rule of thumb consider as natural crystal very easily by accident, careful observation can discover, include system via what why plant only consist in child and advocate inside, there is a kind to be stayed in by cut of one aeriform wall all around, the feeling that break and does not delay. The bleb between nucleus and synthetic brilliant distributings along nucleus wall, form the ” of “ bleb wall of mutual parallel. Some bleb take tadpole form, the head is arranged outwards to mural end more. Often also have in natural crystal put forward to show along group of packages that a face arranges, but this face often is onefold, have rise and fall of change, and form this bag system meeting discovery falls to be body of 2 wrap up more in lapidary microscope, is bleb not merely. Both distinction is apparent still.
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