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Halcyon is not it is good to jump over Gu Yue

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The emerald auction that in 4 meetings municipal government of a 4 meetings sponsorred recently is met on, 120 are patted article clinch a deal in all 48, clinch a deal the forehead three million four hundred and sixty thousand nine hundred yuan, highest clinch a deal valence 420 thousand yuan. Justice auctions a practice of general manager Tan to express, buy the home with Hong Kong, bead trigonometry personage is given priority to.
The personage inside travel expresses, bead trigonometry buys the home to have a preference to halcyon, but however because of ” of market “ pass away the sham as the genuine dare not buy easily. Puzzle of the person that collect basically is B goods halcyon and coloring quartzite at present. B goods halcyon is to point to a course coloring, note glue or the irradiation halcyon that machines processing. Actually halcyon has use and collect ” of effect of two kinds of “ , the key depends on how spotting market error.

Error one: Halcyon often has been jumped over more

Jade of Zhongshan university treasure studies appraisal center director Mr Qiu Zhili introduces, the very much person that collect is exquisite collect ” of “ Gu Yu, but of halcyon collect and do not have “ ancient ”“ today the cent of ” . Halcyon just enters China in clear day period, and at that time because emerald raw material is not much and distinguish ability difference, the emerald quality of a material with so more ages ago time is opposite instead poorer.

Error 2: What do not become angry is A goods

Halcyon of a few coloring can maintain bright-coloured colour to be as long as 10 years to come 20 years. And a few Fei are gules or the halcyon of Fei yellow is comparing short time possibly instead to become angry, basically be the change because of element of emerald interior chemistry.

Error 3: Green halcyon is good

Emerald halcyon is the top grade in A goods halcyon, but not all halcyon is green, the be contaminated that because be pledged by iron,has a kind of halcyon, can form color of bright-coloured “ Fei ” . Such halcyon if diaphaneity tall, character is good, also very get market reception.

Error 4: Craft is more complex better

“ is simple just be beautiful ” , the halcyon with a lot of excellent quality of a material often by make it very simple bracelet or drop extent and do not add sculpture; And a few have foreign matter or the halcyon of cranny often is carved to grow up by skillful craftsman content or setting in order to mask inherent inadequacy.

Error 5: Green has been jumped over equably more

The halcyon of verdure of a few body often can see on the market, color bright-coloured and distributing very even, actually, such halcyon is fake mostly. Emerald interior is become by the mineral gather of grain shape, because its green is of bureau part cloth, there can be dividing line between green and blame green.

Error 6: Rarer some is costlier
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