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Investment collects porcelain of name of Jingdezhen a person of academic or arti

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Enter after 2008, because our country increased the strength of macroscopical adjusting control, again finance of together with international is queasy, bring about house price to dive again and again, stock market perch is adjusted, those who make there is a few more than money in the hand is medium small investor not know what to do, want to buy a house, be afraid that house price “ drops again drop endlessly ” , want to invest a stock, be afraid that “ perch covers firm ” again. According to analysis of the expert inside course of study, current, to in for small investor, investment, collect Jingdezhen porcelain of name of contemporary a person of academic or artistic distinction, it is an investment undoubtedly small, get effective fast, risk the good project with small, tall redound.
Jingdezhen talent many, collect high-quality goods easily

Be in abroad, china, Jingdezhen and China are a concept, the position that sees the china of Jingdezhen go up in the world. But arrived latter-day, compare with foreign photograph, ceramics lagged behind however a lot of. In last few years, as a result of the effort of the actor of pottery and porcelain of Jingdezhen and artists, contemporary and artistic porcelain begins to be paid close attention to by abroad collector, contemporary and artistic porcelain becomes new investment gradually, collect heat. Teach Introduction Zhang Shouzhi according to academy of fine arts of university of adviser of association of Chinese ceramics industry, Tsinghua, the whole world is at present only institute of art of 2 pottery and porcelain, among them one is in Jingdezhen. Jingdezhen gathered at present long, Dai Ronghua, Li Ju gives birth to Lin of stannum of Wang Xiliang, the Qin Dynasty, Zhang Songmao, Liu Yuan, the Great Master of arts and crafts such as Lai Dequan, with Liu Ping, Shu Huijuan, Xiong Han the pottery and porcelain of 9 states level such as medium, Liu Ru, Tu Jinshui is artistic Great Master, and 49 associate professor of arts and crafts of 41 professor of arts and crafts of 35 pottery and porcelain, pottery and porcelain, Jiangxi save Great Master of arts and crafts. No matter go up from the amount that art of Great Master of domestic pottery and porcelain, pottery and porcelain teachs, still come from density say, jingdezhen is discharged in the first place. They or assiduous in saving institute of pottery and porcelain of city, place creation, assuming education of national pottery and porcelain and scientific research heavy responsibility as the backbone; Or be unemployed gives industry in the home, preach, for contemporary pottery and porcelain artistic development fostered a batch of another batch art to create elite, formed Jingdezhen the strong neck of contemporary and artistic pottery and porcelain develops tendency. To the investment, person that collect, the Great Master of art of pottery and porcelain that Jingdezhen has so much and country are advanced division of arts and crafts. Their art behaves formal rich and colorful: In green flower, glair adornment of glair of red, famille rose, traditional decoration, high temperature, integrated Tao Yi, bottle, dish, jar, porcelain board, landscape, painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, character waits, traditional Chinese realistic painting characterized by fine brushwork and close attention to detail, freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, let a hundred flowers blossom, contention of a hundred schools of thought, very beautiful flowers. Work abundant, high-quality goods is much, artistic technique goes, expressional form is wide, buy Tibet easily, this makes investment, collect porcelain of name of Jingdezhen a person of academic or artistic distinction to become a likelihood.
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