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About ancient paper clever ancient bronze mirror is other method

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There were book and stroke on paper, loaded the mission that culture transmits, pure the form that employs with Wen Fangqing hides to the paper now not to see more. It is clear acting the following product mostly. The paper of clear face is luxurious and flowery, saying with its is to be used at brandish to asperse writing, be inferior to saying is those who serve as authority is indicative, in order to satisfy the content that the use and regards Da Guanfu as expensive fortune excessive of emperor, dignitary boasts, the brandish that is not true bookman asperses a desire. After Na Tang plum advocate ever made paper of settleclear heart hall, when the annotation paper of this kind of color passes Qianlong, great all previous very love, gave orders to counterfeit “ Qianlong is modelled on ” of paper of settleclear heart hall.

Because Qianlong sex happy event is costly, reason Qing Dynasty tastes the candle annotation, annotation that asperse gold, color commentary, design annotation, decorative pattern annotation, gold foil annotation to wait toward showily paper emerge in endlessly, still appeared even the paper letter that draw of 3 meters of above has candle of decorative pattern, besmear to scatter gold, , place draw content has landscape, a high building, Yun Long, phoenix, birds and beasts, flowers to wait, the impression is multicolored, very luxuriant, regrettablly annotation of this kind of decorative pattern already became at present rare content. The book conceives —— Shi Jian, it is another kind of of clear face rare paper. This kind of paper application is writing a poem to stalk of grain or epistolary go up, with watermark ability law xylograph and into. It is clear generation normally the famous painter plot at that time, presswork with color once more. Have the bronze ware that week having business draws on Shi Jian additionally, or the words and expressions that gets on inscriptive, ancient tablet with double hook law is depicted come out. Afore-mentioned billows writing paper are bad already now look for, the clear annotation keep that has a few clear minor details or the Republic of China only come down, but its price is especially expensive.
Clear minor details civilian first since, each district uses this locality resource to devote oneself to to write the production that uses paper in succession. Change of announce of river of clip of announce of skin of tiger of the rice paper of short of Wenshui River of bird of the county that be like short for the Jinghe River, announce that show emperor, small mountain, Sichuan, Heibei installs clear of announce of painting and calligraphy, Hunan Yang Gongxuan, Guangdong benevolence changes Qian Shanhan of announce of the Yangtse River, Hubei lead of Pi Xuan, Jiangxi, show emperor announce ” to be the king of rice paper with “ among them, more world place is infrequent, people says for ” of “ national treasure. This rice paper belongs to paper of especially big clean Pi Xuan kind, have beauty of qualitative Bai Ruyu, colour and lustre clarity of elegant, grain, Wen Teng is careful, tensile strong, fight not easy and ageing, broken, appropriate to save, the advantage such as anticorrosion, moderate suction Chinese ink, Mo Yunqing clear, get of home of domestic and international painting and calligraphy praise.
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