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Diamond and crystal distinction

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Above all, diamond is one of gem with foregone highest hardness, so, can Chan Ping is worn can engrave oar corundum with diamond this, knew.
Still have, these are the answers of a few netizens, perfectly, these method can make diamond and other gem are distinguished effectively, use reference so:

Oily experiment: With inky of an oil radical tailor-made pen or ball-pen, the mesa equalize in diamond line, can leave uninterrupted linear. And other mimic do not have lipophilicity, underlining place leave spiccato to choose a route.

Water experiments: On diamond drip maintains a long time globose, and the water on mimic can be inside relatively short time diffuse.

Breathe out experiment: The tone is breathed out on diamond, if the hydrosphere on diamond disappears instantly,be true diamond; If hydrosphere just disappears after staying a few seconds on diamond,be false diamond.

The feeling experiments: When diamond and its mimic are being contacted with the tongue below room temperature, diamond wants than mimic cool much

It has identification a very simple tweak, put it on a piece of wired paper namely, upend, mesa is down, pass through it to be able to see a line, if can be copy getting, natural diamond cannot see. This method is very simple.

Nevertheless my individual suggests or get slate pencil with " (also call heat conduction appearance) " will differentiate, such simpler science.
As to the distinction of crystal and glass, crystal dispute all plastid, and glass is all plastid, should use only simple and easy double polarizing lens can be distinguished effectively.
But already very few now somebody is modelled on with glass crystal, more it is synthetic crystal, divisional synthesis crystal and natural and crystal method are:
Synthetic crystal has " nucleus (a kind of fore-and-aft bag system of a shape) " and natural crystal is done not have.
In addition, the color that synthesizes crystal is even, the sort that include system is drab also be the method that distinguishs with natural crystal.